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Bringing Home Hope

As difficult times seem to become more difficult for the people of Haiti, Pastor Lex arrived in Port-au-Prince this afternoon. He has made it safely back to Grand-Goave, with Boss Harold and Pastor Hakine.

It's very difficult to be far away while our friends, brothers, sisters, and neighbors are going through such turmoil and Pastor Lex has been very eager to return. I pray the Lord will use his presence there to reinforce a sense of hope and strength in our friends.

Last night, rather than packing for the trip, Pastor Lex and I had the privilege of traveling to Marblehead, MA to attend Clifton Lutheran Church's annual fund raising effort for Mission of Hope International. What a tremendous event it was! Island music, Haitian food, caring people, so many friends, and Thomas - Pastor Jim & Kara's son and our grandson's new friend. We so appreciate the efforts of Sarah Walker, her family, and the many others who served so well to make it a great evening, focused on our Haitian friends.

It was Baby Dedication day at our church service in Thozin - congratulation to our physics teacher "Ti LaPorte" and his wife Martha! Here in Massachusetts, I had the privilege of attending a couple of Baby Dedications, as well - congratulations to Lennie & Brittany, and Dan & Melinda! Children are such a blessing!

Distributing food is a priority for Pastor Lex while he is in Haiti. If there's one thing he LOVES to do, it's to feed people. Thank you once again to everyone who has donated to purchase rice in Haiti! If you haven't yet, please join in the blessing. A $45 donation will purchase 100 pounds of rice and provide food for 18 families.

If you aren't familiar with Pastor Lex's story of growing up in Haiti, attending school as a sponsored child, and God calling him to return, you'll want to watch the video that TBN/Joel Osteen Ministries put together to tell it. You can see it on Facebook by clicking on his picture below.

The internet at MOHI took another hit this past week (a tree was downed on the line). It makes it so difficult to stay on top of things when we can't get pictures or reports. I was thrilled to see we're back online now. Here's some of what I saw from Thozin this morning:

Please continue to pray for peace to return to Haiti and for the continued safety of our beloved Grand-Goave and St. Etienne communities. Thank you!

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