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20 FOR 20

Happy March 2020 everyone! Our planning meeting after church this morning had a theme: "20 days for 20 years".

Yes, in just 20 more days we will be celebrating 20 years in Haiti. As I've been telling you right along, MOHI leadership is really pumped about this opportunity to not only celebrate what the Lord has done through this ministry, but to also let our lights shine brightly. This is our moment to show the people of our community that we love and care for them in a new and exciting way.

Jesus told Peter, the fisherman turned disciple, that He would make him a fisher of men. I used to love fishing the Block Island Sound area in CT/RI. Sometimes I'd hit it just right and reel in lots of fish without much effort. Other times I'd have to chum the waters before the fish would come.

I see our 20 Years in Haiti Celebration as our opportunity to chum the waters - a way to attract people to where we are so that they can then be drawn to Jesus by their experience with His church. It's an opportunity for us to show those who won't step foot in a church that we care and we want to bless them. We ARE the body of Christ. This IS our moment to shine. Our light will be out on a lamp stand for all to see!

Would you join your faith with ours? Pray with us for God's Spirit to be evident to all who step foot on our campus on Saturday, March 21st, 2020. May HIS presence guide our words and actions and soften our hearts to care for others more than ourselves. We are expecting wonderful things to happen at this event and because of this event. And, I dare say, the lives of the people in the church will also be impacted by God, as well. We will be like a garden hose - the water (God's blessing) will flow through us to reach others - and we will get wet in the process, too!

We've started getting the yard ready for the upcoming celebration. The wall around the mango tree/sitting area is almost complete.

We had a wonderful week with our friends from Fellowship Church (Knoxville, TN) as they blessed two families in our neighborhood with new homes and put a roof on another.

We are so grateful to our friends at Lifeline Christian Mission who, once again, blessed us with a ton - yes, 2,000 pounds! - of beans to share with our students and others the Lord puts on our path.

Our friends at Worldwide Lighthouse Missions continually gather goods and ship them to us quarterly in barrels. In this manner, we always have something to share when there is a this little guy who's sneakers had seen better days.

We are grateful for Pastor Hakine's Taptap being available when our vehicle is in the shop!

So many people come to the mission in Haiti - not necessarily because they are looking to meet Jesus, but usually because they are in great need and are looking for help. Oftentimes, Jesus chooses to use those moments to show Himself. The medical and dental clinics have that kind of a draw on people. What a blessing to be able to meet a physical need and also pray for the spiritual needs to be met, as well.

20 days for the 20 year celebration. Would you like to be a part? Our Massachusetts church has offered to provide many of the supplies needed for the celebration. Praise the Lord! We will need to purchase others, as well as food for the workers and women's conference participants that week, here in Haiti. Would you consider making a donation this week to help with those costs? I so appreciate your generosity. Thank you.

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