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Sharing Masks

Like many places, in Haiti it is generally believed that people are more likely to be exposed to COVID-19 at a hospital, so most people will not go when they're not feeling well. As of today, Haiti has reported 72 confirmed COVID-1 cases resulting in 5 deaths. We know the numbers are under reported, as the country does not have the resources to do widespread testing. The neighboring Dominican Republic has reported 6135 confirmed cases and 278 deaths.

We started a program this week, making masks to distribute through the medical clinic (and beyond). One of our teachers, Theralis Laporte, is heading up the program, sewing the masks for us. He quickly called on some other tailors and seamstresses to help with the project.

We're off to a great start! This week we received donations to make 350 masks. They have all been made and we have started distributing them. We strongly believe these masks will help keep people healthier, as it's almost impossible for most people to truly practice social distancing.

Below you see Nurse Baby instructing the patients and distributing the masks to them.

The masks cost $2 each. Most of Haiti's residents are living on about that per day, so it's unlikely they will spend money on a mask rather than food. Your donation will provide masks to people who cannot afford them, but will actually wear them. As is our custom with food and other supplies given out during a crisis, the masks will be distributed without prejudice. Please help us to protect as many people as possible with your generosity.

We continued distributing food this week. Here's Pastor Hakine distributing food at Eglise Evangelique Mission of Hope in St. Etienne.

We continue building our online church community, but we are eager to get back to our live services!

We appreciate all of you who have been praying for MOHI in Haiti. Thank you! God has a good plan for HIS people in Haiti!!!

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