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Moms and Nurses

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms! I hope you are enjoying time with family and maybe even finding some sunshine and a chance to go for a walk and enjoy the feeling of Spring.

It's also National Nurse's week. We so appreciate the sacrifices nurses are making for all of us during this pandemic! Thank you for your selfless care of your patients! A special "hats off" to our nurses at MOHI, too. Baby and Sarah, you are so loved and appreciated!

While we were "enjoying" snow here in Massachusetts yesterday, our friends in Haiti were enjoying...wait for it...SUNSHINE and heat and sweat and praising the Lord!!! I am praying that lovely weather will not set so well with the COVID-19 virus and possibly inhibit its spread.

Here are the current statistics on COVID-19 in Haiti. Do keep in mind that most people do not have access to testing.

Would you join us in praying for our senior students? It has yet to be determined whether or not they will be taking their national exams. Whatever the decision, I would certainly like for them to not have to repeat their senior year of high school. Mostly, I am praying that they draw closer to Jesus and find contentment in whatever circumstances they find themselves.

Think about it. We pride ourselves on being independent, strong people, and yet others can so easily control us when we are not rooted in God's word and enjoying HIS presence every moment of our lives. Disappointments come from without. Strength comes from within, where the Spirit of God makes His home. I'm praying for you, too, to know HIM better today than you did yesterday. May we no longer be held captive by others' opinions, but find freedom in Christ (and HIS opinion of all of us whom HE shed HIS blood to redeem from death).

The medical and dental clinics continue to be a blessing to our students and neighbors in Grand-Goave. At times when people are afraid of going to the hospital, I'm grateful that we can keep our doors open and be a place of refuge for the sick and hurting.

We continue holding online services for our churches in Haiti. Click on Pastor Lex's picture below to see one!

Thank you for your continued prayers on behalf of MOHI and your generous support as continue to give out masks and food to those in need.

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