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770 Masks and Climbing

Lex and I are so grateful to all of you who have been so generously donating to have masks made for our friends in Haiti. As things appear to be improving in the US, the positive test rate in Haiti is increasing right now. Social distancing is close to impossible for most in the Grand-Goave area. Starve now or risk contracting COVID-19 tomorrow seems to be the choice they face.

Working together, you and I and so many others are making a difference. We have raised enough funds so far for Theralus LaPorte and his workers to sew 770 masks. All of our patients receive a mask upon arrival at the medical and dental clinics. We've also distributed masks to many of our students and their families. There are still so many who do not have the "luxury" of purchasing a mask, so please, keep those $2 per mask donations coming. Let's persevere together on behalf of those we serve!

I've mentioned our friend Jess before, who has been sewing masks at home in Westminster, MA for friends and associates. They have been paying her for the masks and she has been donating those funds to the MOHI mask fund. She started this while being quarantined, but the orders continue rolling in even now that she's back to her full time job. Somehow she's staying on top of the demand and continuing to provide masks for Haiti. Praise God! Here's Lex modeling one of the matching masks she gave us to use when we go out here in Massachusetts. Cute, huh?!!! Thank you, Jess!

Here's another great picture - Lex and Alante, sitting on the porch. Alante's favorite pastime at this stage is to watch the vehicles drive by and say "Caaaarrrr!", "Gucccckkkk!", and "Tyeep" as different ones go by.

Back to Haiti... Hats off to our dental and medical clinic staff who have been persevering during this difficult time! And to our partners at Bless Back World Wide who are working hard to get medicines to the clinic for us!

Our staff staying at the missionary compound (Cayes Mirliton) have been working hard in the yard. I'm excited to see the section of grass we planted while in Haiti is starting to fill in (we used plugs from a neighbor). The potted plants are looking healthy, too.

Lex is thrilled to see the goats are eating well. (He has a soft spot for them!) In the video below you can see them enjoying some fresh leaves. Notice, too, that an area has been fenced off for a garden. After the harvest, the goats will be let loose in the garden to feast.

We continue to share moments of worship and short words of encouragement with our churches in Haiti via Facebook Live. Did you see it this morning?

Please do continue to pray for our friends in Haiti, as well as for MOHI in general during these uncertain times. Our faith in God sustains us throughout all time! Thank you for standing with us!

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