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Fill the Bus

While in the States we seem to be cautiously winding down from the pandemic, in Haiti cases are definitely on the increase. The Ministry of Public Health reported today that there have been 3,072 confirmed cases to date. There are only 2 laboratories in the entire country authorized to test for COVID-19. You can imagine how overwhelmed they are and how impossible it is to gather accurate information. Most people who get ill never go to the hospital. We are receiving reports of normally healthy individuals suffering with fevers, body aches, bad headaches, etc. for about 2-3 days and then they recover. Others (elderly and people with health issues) have been dying at home. We don't know for sure that this is COVID-19, but it seems likely. Quite a few people that I know have dealt with symptoms.

Our nurses are feeling better and have been working this week. Thank you for praying for our medical staff! Baby sent me this picture. Isn't she a cutie? She's a tough cookie, though, so I don't suggest messing with her. :)

So many of you have donated to provide face masks for our friends and neighbors in Haiti. Pastor Lex and I thank you! AND, so does Professor Laporte, who has been sewing the masks. He wrote this and asked us to share it with you:

"Today I say thank you to all the sponsors who accepted to share what they had with us in this difficult moment through Mission of Hope International. We were able to give away masks to the people in the community so they could take care of themselves against the Corona Virus. We know that was difficult for you because you have a lot of problems in your country USA in this moment. That's why we thank you very much. I am telling you when you support us you support our family with our working team. The money you sent for us through MOHI, we use it to take care of our families - our wives and children, in this very difficult moment. Keep supporting us so we can support our community and God will never stop pouring His blessing upon you. Thank you." - Theralus LaPorte

We received some exciting news last week. Our friends and long time ministry partners at the Bread of Life Assembly of God in Westminster, Massachusetts have gifted us with a bus. The bus will be used to ship needed items to Haiti, as well as providing transportation for the mission in Haiti. Thank you, friends!!!

Maybe you would like to be a part of getting the bus and supplies to Haiti? Donations would be greatly appreciated. Following is a list of items (gently used is fine) we would like to put in the bus to ship to Haiti. Please contact me to arrange pick up or delivery if you have any you'd like to part with. Thank you!


lumber (2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, 2x12)

plywood (3/4" rough)

fasteners (screws, bolts/nuts)

wooden exterior doors

glass doors

electrical wire (14, 12, 10, 8 gauge)


folding tables

folding chairs

preschool tables & chairs

back packs

composition books

protein foods (peanut butter, dried beef, spam, canned tuna, salmon, sardines...)

laptop computers


small generator

lawn mower

lawn rakes

power tools

hand tools

oil based paint



acoustic guitar

electric guitar

electric bass guitar

drum set

band instruments

sound board

microphones & cords


masks, snorkels, fins (for visitors wanting to go out to the reef)

dish towels


food processor

hand mixer

Corelle plates/bowls (they don't break as easily and thus last longer)

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