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Super Sunday

Today was Super Sunday for us!!! What a joy for our churches to gather in person once again! People had been so longing to worship together afresh.

I'm so proud of everyone, too, for doing such a great job of following directions and keeping distance between themselves. In a society where people are rubbing elbows constantly, that is no easy feat. Hats off to you, my friends!!!

I so enjoyed seeing my husband back in the pulpit - or in the vicinity of it! He encouraged the church to be prepared (practice and teach the Word of God) and to be aware that we are light to this world in a dark season.

The mission's radio station, Radyo Pataj 106.3, has been operating throughout this time of pandemic, bringing messages of hope, songs of encouragement, and prayers uttered in faith. It has been a blessing to our community and beyond.

The medical and dental clinics have been open, as well. I was also happy to hear Pastor Lex's report that he is not seeing or hearing of many people sick in our area right now.

I, myself, experienced several "Aha!" moments with the Lord this week. I will limit myself to sharing only one of them today.

While out and about earlier in the week (in Massachusetts) I almost stepped on a garter snake. As some of you may know, my husband is TERRIFIED of snakes. I, on the other hand, grew up always on the hunt for snakes, salamanders, and frogs. I found them fascinating!

Anyway, I stopped right in front of the snake and stooped a little, looking for its head. (Now, I know that a garter snake can't do any permanent damage to me, but I don't think fangs in my ankle would feel too good. Right?) I saw that its head was right near my foot and it was staring at me. I stared back. As I considered what I would do with this snake (you know, like maybe take a picture and send it to my husband), it quickly slithered away.

I giggled intermittently all the way home, considering how my husband would have reacted had he been in that position. The moment he saw the snake he would have dropped everything, taken off running, and yelled to me, "Honey! There's a SNAKE!" I would have found the whole scenario quite amusing.

As I continued driving and talking over the situation with the Lord, it really struck me how we, as believers in Christ, can also choose how to respond to that snake of old - the devil. He too will show his face when we least expect it. Sometimes we run the moment we see him. But if we stand our ground, he will be the one to run away (or slither, as the case may be) in terror from us. Being clothed in the armor of God - being one with Christ - means that it's hard for our enemy to tell the difference between you and Christ. I imagine it's a very scary situation for our defeated foe to stand in the presence of the One who crushed him. Be encouraged my friend. Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world! (1John 4:4)

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