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Actions of Grace

There are just so many things happening that I have to pick and choose which ones to share. Pastor Lex and I are so excited about all the ways the Lord is moving through this mission!

Violence in Port-au-Prince has made it impossible to start the new school year at the Christian Light School. Several stray bullets made their way into the schoolyard this week, one having whizzed by the heads of two of our staff. We are so grateful no one has been hurt in the school. Would you join with us in praying for peace to reign in our neighborhood once again?

Our earthquake response in the Camp Perrin area continues to go strong. Preparations have to be made daily.

Medical care is so critical for those who live in these mountain villages. Most will not make their way down to city hospitals until it may be too late. This week we were able to hire doctors and nurses who are originally from Camp Perrin and les Cayes. Dr. Dana and Dr. Mickenson cared for the people with great compassion and knowledge.

Each person who came to the mobile clinics this week went home with needed medicines and a bag of food.

No one in these village areas has homes left to live in. We continue to give out sheets of metal roofing to enable people to create covered areas to protect themselves from the elements. Losita is a teacher at the Christian Light School in Port-au-Prince. In the picture to the left is her brother receiving some sheets of roofing from Pastor Lex.

Wilner is from the village of Pico. He shared with us: "I would like to thank the MOHI team for the great work they are doing in les Cayes, especially in Pico. I have 2 children and I lost one during the earthquake. A piece of concrete fell on my heel and seriously injured me. I went to the hospital to sew it. Afterward, I thought every day to return, but I didn't because I had to have money. I thank God for allowing MOHI to come make a mobile clinic in the area. I have the possibility now to have it treated and bandaged without needing money. Thank you. I pray to God for you all to always come."

This week we began a water cistern project. Landslides caused by the earthquake last month left many villages without access to any water whatsoever for their communities. We have invested many resources in filtering and trucking water into these mountainous areas. Pastor Lex realized that even though we were bringing water, there was nowhere to store it for community use. So, if a family didn't happen to be present when the truck arrived, they wouldn't find any water. met with civil authorities We are constructing the first cistern in Bwaron zone Maceline.

We had several major vehicle issues this week. The engine in the Ford pickup caught on fire and the passenger van engine suddenly quit - we suspect that one was from mixed fuel that was purchased at a gas station. Being down two vehicles in the midst of disaster relief efforts is difficult, but God always provides!

We intend to continue our efforts in this area as the Lord provides. Food, water, medical care, and shelter are the priority in our response. Please use this link if you would like to donate directly to earthquake relief.

How wonderful it is that while so much focus has to go into helping victims of such a catastrophic earthquake, our leaders are able to continue with the important daily activities. Primary care medical and dental clinics...

...feeding the babies in the Ravine...

...working with Bless Back Worldwide to prepare a school clinic in Port-au-Prince and a partner clinic with Mission E4 in Leogane ...

...meeting regularly to be encouraged in the Lord...

...and having a great, first-full-week of school in Grand-Goave...

Singing is really my favorite activity with ALL children. I love seeing the little ones learning French through song!

One more...

I hope watching these videos helps you to have a great week!!! Thank you for your generous support which has enabled so many activities to happen each day at MOHI! If you haven't been a part of it yet, please consider making a general donation to keep these kids learning. Thank you!


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