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Adam's Arrival

I received some really, REALLY exciting news last night. Many of you remember our dear friend and fellow missionary at MOHI, Leah Fuller. After two and a half years with us in Haiti she returned to the States and ended up marrying the sweetest man, Csaba. Yesterday Leah let me know that she was in active labor and last night their son, Adam Csaba Szilagyi was born. Baby and mom are both doing well and mom and dad are both crazy in love with this little man - a true gift from God and the blessing of their marriage. Congratulation Csaba and Leah!!!! I can hardly wait to meet him!

It was a pretty quiet week at MOHI in Haiti, with school being out for the holidays. Gladly we were still able to help many people with medical and dental care.

Rosite recently came to the clinic to follow up on several complaints she had discussed with Dr. Evens previously. She's so glad to be seeing definite improvement. As one of our former students, Rosite has been depending on the clinic for herself and her family for many years now. She often has conversations with her neighbors in Ikondo about the clinic. They all have had wonderful experiences with the medications they've received, which is, of course, a commendation for our staff's ability to recognize and diagnose, as well as the effectiveness of the prescribed medicines. They also talk about the disciplined manner in which the nurses run things and the teachings that they share. Rosite has participated in several of the Women's Health Fairs that Bless Back Worldwide has put on. She was sad to know that, as with so many other regular activities, the Women's Health Fair would not be taking place this month.

The radio played on this week and church services were extra lively!

I love the Haitian church's tradition of celebrating New Year's Eve gathered as the Church! There's always an abundance of music at these services and as the clock strikes midnight the new year begins with the people of God in fervent prayer. What a great way to begin the new year - focusing on the ONE who gave us breath and who is with us always. (Sorry about the poor picture quality, but it's what I had and I really wanted you to get a sense of the night.)

What are you praying for as we begin 2021? I'd love to hear from you and join my prayers with yours, if you'd like to share. Please Email me at

Personally, I want to experience the Life of God more and more in 2021. I want to be all that Jesus created me to be and to do all that HE created me to do. Navigating COVID restrictions often seems in direct opposition to this (How do you make new friends when you can't get close to anyone, right?), but I understand that God was aware of the circumstances we'd be facing today since before time began. HE still has a plan and I intend to walk in it! How about you?

I want to give you all a heads up. We have started making plans to celebrate the Mission's 21st anniversary (the 20th celebration was canceled by the pandemic) this summer. Mark your calendars for July 15-18, 2021 and begin thinking about joining us in Haiti. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to begin making plans to join us. Pastor Lex is beside himself with excitement over this event we are planning for our community.

Wishing you all an amazing 2021!!!


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