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Celebrating Christmas in Haiti

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration yesterday. Our friends at Mission of Hope International in Haiti did! Our church in Thozin, Eglise Evangélique Mission of Hope, had services each night all week leading up to Christmas.

Our students in Thozin had Christmas parties in their classrooms.

The preschoolers dressed up, sang, danced, and received gifts.

I'm not sure who enjoyed it more - the children or the staff?!!!

In Port-au-Prince the Christian Light School continued the tradition of putting on an annual Christmas Program. It was a grand time for everyone present!

Each class performed a song and/or dance..

...the student violinists performed...

...they enjoyed popcorn & slushies...

...fancy clothes...

...and decorations galore.

I especially loved the 5th grade class performance of "I Wanna Be Faithful!"

Our friend, Pastor Ed Bez, just shared a greeting that I thought was very appropriate. I'll share it with you, as I wish you a great rest of 2021 and a healthy, joy-FILLED 2022!

"2021" and Done!

"2022" and New!!!

Looking forward to a whole new year of serving the Master together in Haiti!!!


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