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Founded on Christ

Foundations are laid in childhood. God's word is the greatest foundation we can build into a child's life. It is the priority in our lives and ministry in Haiti. Beyond that, a foundation of good nutrition, education, and vision/hope for the future is what we desire for the children we minister to.

Please do continue to pray for Haiti. There is still so much senseless violence and killing happening on a daily basis. Please pray for peace. Thank you.

Pastor Lex finished up his time in Haiti this week at the Christian Light School in Port-au-Prince. He spent time in the classrooms, asking questions, encouraging, and playing with the students.

He brought a treat for the babies in the Ravine, too. Peanut Butter!

All our schools had a full week of school with full classrooms.

Elie and Dukens enjoyed some time in the library where they read the Giving Tree together.

Madame Yverose prepares some homework for her little ones.

Woobenska and Mirline are in the 6th grade. They are working on their homework, identifying personal pronouns in French.

Woodchnaicha and Wanchina are 7th graders. They're working on a social sciences assignment about the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

English lessons in preschool are so much fun.

Jovendina has been working hard on her penmanship.

Her teacher, Miss Evancia, enjoys serving lunch to her students - and they enjoy it, too!

Actually, ALL the students enjoy having lunch! They are grateful to each of you who make it possible! Bean sauce with rice is one of their favorite meals.

The medical and dental clinics remain busy, but we're thankful the COVID episodes seem to have diminished significantly.

Louvenson was particularly grateful for the clinic this week, as he was injured in a motorcycle accident.

Kettlie traveled quite a distance and through a gang-controlled area in order to get to the dental clinic. She was not disappointed as Dr. Mabou was able to resolve her issues.

Pastor Lex flew into Boston Tuesday night and we were on the road well before sunrise Wednesday. We were blessed to stay with our son AJay and his wife Cherie for a couple of nights in Charlotte, while we visited friends and supporters in the area. Joe and Carmen Teague invited us over for a delicious breakfast. We so enjoyed catching up with them, dreaming, and praying together.

Yesterday we made our way to northern Florida. We are eager to meet supporters and new friends Tuesday for a Meet & Greet organized by Sally Ericksen and our friends at the Amelia Plantation Chapel. If you're in the area, please stop by and say hello. Everyone is welcome!

Today we thoroughly enjoyed our time at Amelia Baptist Church. It was great to connect with friends and make some new ones.

We will be traveling to Southern Florida and Fort Myers this week. Let us know if you're in the area. Maybe we can meet for tea!


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