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On the Road Again

Hello Friends! Lex and I are on a road trip and loving it! It's been quite a while since we've had the opportunity to travel from friend to friend down the East Coast. Our first stop was in Knoxville, TN, visiting our friends at White Stone Church and picking up a sound system they have been storing for us for several years and a 15 passenger van. We'll be joining them for worship soon and then hitting the road. I figured I'd better get you an update quick, as I'll be driving for hours and not able to post later.

We got to spend a couple of hours last night with Angie (Shepherd) McCoy and finally meet her parents and her new husband. Many of you remember Angie from your visit to Haiti, as she ran our medical clinic for a year and a half. We enjoyed reliving and sharing some of our fond adventures from those times. Angie is a friend for life!

We had a great Board of Directors this past week. There are some exciting opportunities presenting themselves and our board is enthusiastic about it. We are so grateful for such a wonderful group of visionaries holding the reigns with us at MOHI! Among other things, we voted to add a couple of seats to the board and establish a Board of Advisors to broaden our base of counselors. We are strengthening our systems in preparation for upcoming growth.

This week we will be traveling to Jacksonville, FL for a critical meeting. We will share more about this in the next couple of weeks, but for now I am asking for your prayers for this meeting. We need to know all the details that are pertinent to our decision making and we want to go into this meeting with an open mind, ready to hear what God has for us to hear. Please pray that we will have good discernment!

Construction is progressing well!

We have been showing English educational videos to our preschool classes daily. They LOVE them and they are already picking up English language skills!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support this week! We are better together!


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