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We're having a grand time transitioning with Sherry and the Christian Light School! We have some staff from Grand-Goave now working with Mr. Olritch on inventorying the school so we know what will be needed for the next school year.

Lex, Renee, and Sherrie are in Maine meeting some wonderful CLS supporters. We are so grateful for our sweet hosts, Duane & Shannon who have set up meetings and welcomed us into their home. It's soooooooo beautiful here in Berwick! Here's a picture of Sherrie introducing us this morning at Free Baptist Church in Waterboro.

Cassandra just heard about the medical clinic at MOHI and brought her little girl to be consulted. She was full of scabies and had an infection that needed to be dealt with. We so appreciate all those who support the medical clinic and help us to care for children like Michelove. Thank you!

We have such beautiful young ladies in school at MOHI!!!

Thank you always for your support and care for our friends in Haiti!


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