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Old Friends and New Progress

I’m so proud of our students who come to school each day, despite the often difficult circumstances they regularly face. Many of them live in thatch or tarp homes and have only one uniform. Yet, they manage to come to school clean and sharp looking. With the help of our administrators, teachers, parents and kitchen staff, the children have been doing really well in school. Each year the percentage of students passing national exams is very impressive. So many students in Grand-Goâve don’t pass the high school exams and so they return year after year after year. Eventually they pass or give up. Over the past three years, 100% of our high school seniors have passed their national exams.

Preschool and Philo (final year of high school)

Love those kiddos!

We’ve gotten a lot of work done this week at the Thozin campus. The electrical work in the medical and dental rooms is now complete.

Progress on the medical and dental rooms

Leah and Tammy put in another full week of inventory, between seeing patients who had scheduled appointments and some other sick folks.

Nurse Leah

Inventory, patients and electricians – These ladies are amazing!

Paul and Junior will continue with the electrical in the school tomorrow. The doors and windows have been going in the school all week. As you can see in the picture, they’re looking great!

Paul and Junior continue plugging away at the electrical

Doors, windows and tile in the school

We built transitional bathrooms after the earthquake. The plywood floor has been starting to wear and really needed to be replaced. Rather than put more money into a temporary fix, this week we began building a new permanent bath house.

Making room for new bathrooms

Bathrooms going up

The carpeting for the library and computer room has arrived in great shape. Now, we need someone to install it for us. We had someone lined up, but the carpet didn’t arrive in time. If you, or someone you know is experienced at laying carpet (it will be glued to the concrete floor) and would consider coming to Haiti to do this, please contact us byemail or leave a message at (978)410.9101 and we’ll get back to you.

Carpeting for the library and computer rooms

These kids are going to LOVE working on the laptops in such a special room!

Computer club

It’s always a blessing when we have friends come to visit who were here in the early days. Don Haas and Marie Richard spent the week with us. Don ministered in music, preached and worked with our musicians during the week. Marie edified the church on several occasions, as well. The Holy Spirit was present in these services and many people were touched.

sweet spirit at church this morning

Sunday School – This class sings and claps louder than all the others!

Pastor Lex was able to minister at the church in St Etienne this morning. Although it appears that hardly anyone lives in the area, the church was once again full.

Church in St Etienne

We had a quiet lunch and then enjoyed the company of friends from the Hands and Feet Project. They often bring the kids down to go swimming on Sunday afternoons. It was a pleasant time of fellowship for the missionaries from both organizations.

A quiet lunch with Don Haas, Marie Richard, Angela and Nathan

We are looking forward to the arrival of our new friends from the Covenant Day School (Charlotte, NC) later this week. They have some exciting plans for us, including an aquaponics project in Thozin. Please remember us in prayer, trusting the Lord to use us to reflect His light and love to everyone we encounter. Thank you!!!

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