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Pressing On!

“…But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

(Philippians 3:13b-14 NASB)

Our lives consists of putting one foot in front of the other. Achieving our goals seems like an impossibility DAILY – and yet, we continue to move forward. We don’t pay attention to the negative thoughts that come, or the faith stealing words that we hear. Our eyes are fixed heavenward! If it were up to Lex or Renee, MOHI would never have made it out of the first year. But here we are! Fourteen years have come and gone. We’re still here. We’re still putting one foot in front of the other. We are pressing on, knowing that our God has called us to represent Him to our friends, neighbors, families and even those who would consider us their enemies. We are pressing forward and that route heavenward is paved with souls that need a touch from God. Lord, let us be YOUR vessels, ready to be used by our Master!

This week at MOHI…

After such a busy time last week with the team from Bless Back Worldwide, it was nice to have a few days at a slower pace before the next team’s arrival. We were able to continue with the cabinet building, plumbing and electrical work. Leah still had a full week of clinic, with some assistance from Tammy and also Bert from BLB.

Bert came down the hill from Be Like Brit to help out in the clinic.

Bob and Sally Heier arrived on Wednesday and went right to work. Sally was able to join Leah in St Etienne, using the mobile medical clinic to care for our neighbors there. Their help is so appreciated by these folks and we are grateful for the means to serve them. Sally continued seeing patients with Leah the rest of the week and Bob was able to help streamline our mobile clinic bags of supplies and medications. Our family is crazy in love with Bob and Sally, so it was like having the grandparents in for a visit, too!

Bob and Sally Heier were a blessing in the clinic this week.

Pastor Kevin has been working on setting up security cameras at the Thozin campus…

Pastor Kevin Groder

Thursday we were happy to see Pastor Kevin’s son, Micah, arrive with a team from Nashua Christian School and Grace Fellowship. They are working with Help4Haiti this week. Pastor Paul Berube will be joining us this evening, as well.

Students from NSA are paired up this week with students from MOHI.

Students from Nashua Christian School spending time with our preschoolers

Forward in Health, from our hometown of Gardner, MA, brought a team into Haiti this week. They work near the city of Cayes. It just so happens that we are located at just about the half way point between the airport and Cayes, so they often stop for a potty break at our Thozin campus.

A team from Forward in Health stopped by for a potty break and a drink.

Our friend, Len Gengel at Be Like Brit was in Grand-Goave this week. It was so great to meet his lifelong friend, Steve Helle, who has helped so much with all the electrical at BLB.

Len Gengel came by with Steve Helle (Granite State Electric) and his daughter Daniel to see the Thozin campus earlier this week.

I love my new office location for a several reasons, but especially because the preschoolers walk right over my front step. The new bathroom is one of their favorite places and my office is right next door. Sometimes I open my door and wiggle my fingers at them with that “I’m gonna get ya!” look. Some of them start screaming. Others lay back and don’t want to step foot in front of my door. It’s a great distraction for me from the computer!

Some of the sweetest sweetie pies

Time for lunch!

Bob Heier shared the Word of God with us this morning. I tell you what, that man has a sharp sword coming out of his mouth! He shared verse after verse about who Jesus is, according to the Bible. It was a great time of exhortation and revelation with a sense of urgency to accept the sacrifice that Jesus made for each of us.

Worship service in Thozin

Would you please pray with us this week? We are feeling led to expand our campus in Thozin. There are several options in front of us and we want to make the right choice. Also, there are some exciting (however daunting) changes ahead for our family and they are wrought with emotion. It’s an exciting step of faith and we are trusting the Lord to lead us and ignite courage in each of us. Thank you for standing with us in prayer.

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