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Special Moments

We have some really awesome students in our schools. Like many of you, I especially enjoy interacting one on one with our preschool students. I have finally realized that after each of those encounters I would say about the same thing. “! Is that not the CUTEST kid you ever saw?!!!” Seriously, though, everyone of them is just plain adorable.

Some of our adorable preschoolers

We’ve been in Haiti for 15 years now. Our staff often tell me that I am a mother to each of them, as well as to our school kids. I’ve watched kids that have been in our school since it started graduate from high school. Many of them now work in the mission or at one of the other organizations in town. All have become really good employees. I can’t even begin to tell you how much that thrills me! I have seen them go from the adorable little kids that we can’t keep our eyes off of, to the “stuck up” high school students you might consider sending home for good, to the now very respectable young adults. I’m so proud of them!

During this time I’ve watch my own kids grow up, too. I am a very proud mother, indeed. Alexis will be graduating from high school next month, thanks to our wonderful friends, Dr. Gary and Melissa Lee. They opened their home and their hearts to her as her host family this year. Their support has been amazing. As a proud mama, I of course have to share these pictures from her senior prom with you.

Alexis and friends heading to the prom

We have had a lovely team from Norway here with us for the past two weeks. Anna-Lena and her team (including her husband, children, sister and a friend) have been doing dentistry, physical therapy, soccer, sharing with students about their country, woodworking food distribution, and seeing a bit of the country, as well. We appreciate them and our friend Janina who suggested they come to Mission of Hope International.

Team from Norway

Lex’s aunt passed away a few days ago. He went to La Gonave on Saturday for the funeral. This aunt was the last of his mom’s siblings. She was 89 years old and lived in the village of Aux Parques. That’s the little fishing village that we have taken several trips to. We have help a mobile medical clinic there, distributed food and clothing, and brought supplies for the school there. Lex enjoyed seeing the village people and catching up on what’s happening in their lives.

Heading to la Gonave

We had some really good church services today. I joined my husband this morning in St Etienne. I just love the people from up in the mountains This morning they were praising God for sending rain. Everyone has been busy planting their giant gardens on the mountainsides. We pray for adequate rain (but not too much!) to continue to fall so they can have a great harvest.

Church in St Etienne

Tonight was really special for Lex and I, as we welcomed a visit from Charlie, Rachel and Nathan DeTellis. As Lex has pointed out to them NUMEROUS times (Oy!), we so appreciate him and his parents. Pastor George and Jeanne, founders of NEW Missions in Leogane, were great mentors to us. Pastor George shared some words of wisdom and counsel with us shortly after we started Mission of Hope International that we acted on and we have been blessed because of that. Charlie preached about faith, hope, and love – the greatest of these being love. Angie, the girls from the Hands and Feet Project and some visitors led us all in a sweet time of praise and worship.

AJay, Lex, Jeremie & Charlie DeTellis when we met up at the UN Camp in Leogane.

Lex, AJay and I will be heading to Massachusetts this week. We’d love to see as many of you as possible. We will also be traveling to/through Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma,Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey. Please contact us by email to set up a time. We’d also appreciate any opportunities to share with a church or youth group, company lunch, prayer breakfast or your local pastor. Again, please contact us by email to coordinate our schedules before the days fill up.

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