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New Beginnings

Back to School

Mission of Hope International schools were back in session Tuesday, September 1st. We had a good turnout in Thozin with lots of happy faces. The day started with all the elementary students in the chapel where they held devotions and heard from the school’s administrative staff. The students received their class assignments, met their teachers and found their classrooms. We pray for our students, teaching and administrative staffs that they would each be led by the Spirit of God and that He would reveal mysteries to them. I trust the Lord has good things in store for them this school year and I thank each of our class sponsors for supplying the necessary resources for another great year of learning.

First day of school at MOHI in Thozin. September 1, 2015

First day of School in Thozin

Second day of school in Thozin

Feeding the Hungry

We feed a thousand people or more each school day, plus we distribute food to families in need or during times of crisis or disasters. Over the years we have been blessed so many times by Kids Against Hunger Global (Tulsa, OK). They currently have a 20 foot container of food ready to be shipped to us in Haiti, but they do not have the funds to pay for the shipping themselves. Can you help? Maybe you have a connection you could share with us of a friend, family member, organization or business that you think would be interested in helping to feed the hungry in Haiti. Would you please connect us with them? Please contact us with any help or make a donation yourself online at Thank you for your compassion and generosity!

Sherry Horn and Kids Against Hunger Global have provided enough food to grow this boy (Kendy) and hundreds of others!

Annual Meet & Greet

Each year Lennie and Amy Engman open their home, not only to our family, but to all of our MOHI friends. Yesterday we held our annual meet and greet in Westminster, MA. It was a fun afternoon of fellowship, encouragement and catching up with friends and family. Celion, who just arrived from Haiti joined us, as did friends from Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, and Alaska.

Meet & Greet in Westminster, MA. September 5, 2015

Edmé Family Update

If you’ve been keeping up on my blog posts, you know that this is a time of big changes for our family as both of our children have now moved back to Massachusetts. While we all know that kids grow up and leave home, we don’t all know how stressful it is unless we’ve already been through it. I am so excited to see my kids becoming adults, but beyond logic, I really don’t want to let them go. Any of you moms understand what I’m talking about??? Many thanks to all of you who have been praying for our family!!!

AJay started his junior year of high school at Minuteman Regional High School this past week. His schedule has him doing academics one week and shop the following week, throughout the school year. His first week of academics went well. He chose to expand his language repertoire by adding a Spanish class to his list of 7 subjects. Tuesday he heads back to school for a week of studying culinary arts. He has some pretty spiffy new clothes that make him look like a full fledged chef.

AJay’s first day of his junior year of high school

Alexis started classes at Mount Wachusett Community College. Her first semester classes include writing, accounting, human services, cultural awareness, and small business management. She had one of each of the classes before the long holiday weekend began. So far so good.

Alexis’ first day of her freshman year of college

Lex and I hit the road in less than a week, as we begin our drive to Florida and later in the week our return to Haiti. We have so enjoyed this time in Massachusetts. We’ve spent a lot of time preparing our kids for school, visiting with friends, family and supporters. We’ve been refreshed spiritually and are ready to get back to our “normal” business in Haiti. We have some staff changes to make when we arrive and are looking forward to receiving a team from Tulsa, OK shortly after we arrive. We’re expecting it to be a great visit, as they invest their time into getting the library set up for this school year.

A Few More Pictures

Pastor Manyol shares a Gospel message on MOHI’s radio station

Dr Lavaud checking on a patient

Maps donated by Bless Back Worldwide have been mounted in the classrooms.

Thank you all for taking the time to stay updated and for your support of this ministry in Haiti. I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. Blessings to you!

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