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The Spirit of Christmas


As the current school term comes to a close, there are specific activities that our students look forward to – or don’t. Our preschoolers are always thrilled to receive their various projects to bring home and share with their families.

End of the term means the preschoolers get to bring their work home to show off.

The elementary and high school students invest time in preparing for end of term exams.

Exam time



I feel like the Spirit of Christmas is alive and well at MOHI in Haiti year round. But there’s something extra special about the Christmas season.

Students practice for weeks to perform at the Christmas party, coming up on Wednesday. Many thanks to those of you have donated to the party. If you would like to be a part of the Christmas celebration, please donate to MOHI to make a donation before Wednesday. (Be sure to mark “Christmas Party” in the memo.)

Gift choices are available in our Gift Shop, should you desire to give a more personal present to a child in Haiti. This gift can also be given in honor of a friend or loved one. Just include their name and address so that we can send them a card, informing them of the gift.

Alexis and AJay will be joining us in Haiti for Christmas. Yay!!!! I hope that you, too, will enjoy celebrating the birth of Jesus while surrounded by loved ones. Merry Christmas to you!


We are grateful for such a wonderful medical staff. It’s a joy to see them really engaged in caring for our students and the communities we serve in.

Medical clinic at the MOHI Thozin campus

Nurse Martine enjoys the company of a small patient

Waiting to see the doctor


Here at MOHI, we are committed to ministering to the whole person: spirit, soul and body. Providing a spiritually alive atmosphere for the community is thoroughly invigorating. Attending church is not only a time to be fed spiritually, but an opportunity to encourage one another to good works. I love seeing old friends and making new ones each week.

Church service this morning in Thozin

This little man cracks me up every Sunday at church! He’s so snugly and totally spunky.


All the planning, coordinating, and fundraising for the proposed projects at the campus expansion in Thozin will take some time. However, there are some things that are certain and we have started there. Cleaning out the ditch along the main road was the first task. Building a small “bridge” was the second.

A footpath through the middle of the campus has to be rerouted for the sake of security. Several of our neighbors are landlocked, so we determined up front that we would set aside a portion along the perimeter of the land for a right-of-way for them. The “bridge” is a small, reinforced-concrete pass over the culvert alongside the road. We wanted to be sure to have this in place before we enclose the new lot.

The “Bridge”

This week we performed a variety of maintenance tasks, as well as taking down the water bladder. The water bladder was installed by Samaritan’s Purse after the earthquake, almost 6 years ago. It served the community well, but has so many leaks that it became difficult to manage. We will purchase water storage tanks and reroute the plumbing in order to keep the water flowing for the school children.


Thanks to a solar powered, battery system, Radio-Télé Partage 106.3 is on the air 24/7.

Junior performing maintenance on the batteries that keep the radio station powered.

We play a variety of Evangelical music in English, French, and Kreyol. We also have a diverse mix of enriching programs: high school and elementary level interactive exam prep, health discussions and education, Bible Preaching, Daily noontime prayer, morning praise and prayer (to name a few).

The radio station has been a wonderful tool (and a lot of fun!) for many of our high school graduates. Davidson (pictured below) started in 2nd grade at the original MOHI elementary school in Thozin back in September 2000. After graduating, he and his sister both became employed full-time, but they still take time daily DJing at the radio station.

Radio/Tele Partage 106.3FM is on the air 24/7, thanks to a small solar-powered battery system.

Davidson is on the air at MOHI’s radio station: Radio-Tele Partage 106.3FM

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