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Two Teams

We’re excited to welcome two teams to MOHI in Haiti this weekend: one from Akron, OH and the other from Jacksonville, FL. I already know it’s going to be a fun week!

Tim and Shanda Gobeli are leading the first team. They will be focused on working with about forty Grand-Goaviannes suffering with disabilities. Each of these individuals have already received a goat. The team will be visiting these folks in their homes throughout the week and holding a celebration dinner for them on Thursday. We appreciate the time we’ve been spending with Tim and Shanda, which has been increasing our vision for ministry to the disabled.

Steve and Marlene Miller are leading the team from Jacksonville. They will be ministering in the schools and villages this week, as well as working on the “choukoun” – the centerpiece of the missionary compound.

Church was great this morning! Pastor Lex preached a message on trusting in the Lord and faith. It was very encouraging!!! We were happy to hear a song ministered by Jared Vitello and his group from Good News Bible Church in Wilton, NH.

I crashed the women’s ministry’s rehearsal after church. They were happy to have me, though. They were singing a couple of catchy tunes, with powerful lyrics, written by one of the women. Praise God!

We’re so happy that school was back to normal this past week. We are so full of hope for our students’ futures and it really blesses us that they are eager to be at school. So grateful for great supporters that are making this happen!!! Thank you!!!

We’ve been working on replacing the roof on the “choukoun” this past week. It’s looking quite remarkable, wouldn’t you say???

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