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The Active and Alive WORD

As often is the case, there's just a whole lot going on around here. God is good and He is revealing that goodness and kindness all over MOHI.

I so enjoyed Pastor Lex's message this morning in Thozin. He pleaded with us to choose Christ today, while there is time. Leave the excuses behind and take a leap of faith! Peter stepped out of the boat to walk to Jesus on the water. He didn't say, "Oh I don't know how to swim. I can't come to Jesus." No, he took a step of faith and Jesus reached out and saved him.

We are living children's seats!

I love how the Bible is applicable to everyone. A message about salvation, preached on a Sunday morning may seem like "preaching to the choir". But we're all in a different place in our walk with the Lord. Some need encouragement to return to our First Love. Others need to be reminded why we do "all the right things". And others need to be encouraged to be more consistent and more faithful to read our Bibles and put action to the words that we hear. And yet this one message touched each of us in one way or another.

Last week we were offered another matching grant from the Maxima Housing Fund. This time for 6 houses. We would need to raise money for 6 house kits (they would then give us an six more, for a total of 12 houses), plus the transportation, materials for foundations, and the labor to put it all up. While it's a great opportunity we decided to decline the offer. We hadn't quite raised adequate funds for the previous 8 houses and were leery of committing to raising another $10,000+. The Lord seems to have honored that difficult decision. We have been offered the same grant, but only need to purchase one house at a time, allowing us to use funds as they come in rather than going into debt. Isn't that wonderful?!!!

The situation in Port Salut remains almost impossible for thousands who still have no place to sleep. Many are under tarps (for which we thank the Lord and the people who gave them out!), but one good rainstorm would find many people looking for somewhere to keep dry. I encourage you to help us build homes for these families. They've already been through so much.

Pastor Edon surveys the damage where a home was lost

I sobbed as I read the story of Marie Rose and her family who found themselves in deep trouble the night Hurricane Matthew struck in Port Salut. Rose Marie, her husband, and their four children were all together in their house when it began to come apart. They all ran to try to get to a neighbor's house, but they couldn't make it. They all laid down flat on the ground to wait for the wind to die down. Her husband got up and tried again to make it to a neighbor's to ask for help, but he never made it. They found him the next morning, bruised and bleeding. They tried to get him to a hospital, but he died before they could get there, as the roads were all full of debris and fallen trees. It was just impossible to pass.

Rose Marie with her four of her six children

One of the houses we built, using the Maxima Matching Fund grant, went to Marie Rose. I can't even imagine the horror she and her children went through in losing her husband and their father. Beyond that, they lost everything they had - including their home. I'm so thankful to our donors and Maxima Matching Fund for making a way for us to reach out to Marie Rose and her children. She has experienced the Lord's care through all of us and she has peace, knowing her children have a solid, waterproof, and secure home to sleep in.

Sadly, there are many stories like Marie Rose's, but most have not yet found a home. So, I will continue asking. Can you help us to continue building homes for them? Maybe you think you can't afford to give $2700? Maybe you could hold an event to help raise the necessary funds? Ask people to sponsor you in your next 5K run? Talk to people at work or at church? Maybe you could take a leap of faith outside of your comfort zone to encourage others to get involved? Ask the Lord and see if He won't lead you to put action to your faith.

The Tangney's Raised funds for MOHI in honor of their brother Brian

To all of you who have participated in this program by donating previously, thank you so much for being a part of the answer to prayer!!!

Valentine's Day is just another day to me, but apparently that is not the case for everyone. How special it was to receive a card and a heart shaped cookie from the MOHI Educational Cooperative on Valentine's Day. Miss Alicia does such a great job with these kiddos and their expression of love was priceless.

We've been missing Dr. Emmanuel in the clinic this week, but we're so glad he got to enjoy a well-deserved vacation in Florida. Angie had a great time seeing patients for him. Dr. E will be back to work tomorrow morning.

The "gully" is progressing still. These guys work so hard moving all these rocks and putting them into position.

As part of our partnership with Strength of Heart Ministries, we have been distributing food to some of the disabled in our area. What a privilege to act on behalf of the Lord and share his love and care with others! We are also looking forward to SOH's team joining us with Mission USA next week!

Light of Hope is busy planning and preparing for Soulfest 2017!

Won't you join MOHI and Light of Hope this Summer? It's going to be an EXTRA special time, as we celebrate 20 years of Soulfest with an unbelievable number of popular Christian artists performing. Don't put it off. Buy your tickets and make plans asap!

We hope to see you there! God bless you!

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