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Graduation 2017

Graduation ceremonies happened this week at MOHI and everyone pulled together to make it a beautiful event.

What a special moment for our kindergartener students and high school seniors, their families, their friends, their teachers, Lex and I. Many of these seniors have been in our school from the time they were 3.

The Thozin students and staff chose red and yellow for their colors. Very Caribbean looking!

And the kindergarteners? There's Stanley who we've known since birth. .

It's such a joy to us to watch them grow, see their efforts and watch them be honored in front of so many.

Sometimes the ceremonies get a little long...

The school in St. Etienne chose gray and blue. Everyone, staff and students, were just beautiful.

Each year it amazes me the effort that each family puts into the graduation. I am a very practical person. I do like beautiful things, but functionality is much more important to me. In a world of poverty, however, a moment of beauty is priceless. These families insist on sacrificing to make graduation the most beautiful event it can be - a memory to last a lifetime.

I can't say that I necessarily share in this logic, but I've learned to accept it as valid and I can certainly see the value in it. I even enjoy the day, the joy I see on the students faces, the sense of pride in accomplishment they wear in their posture.

For me, however, MOHI's graduation day is a moment of great hope each year. As I see these students move one step closer to "adulting," my hope for their futures grows and becomes infused with joyful expectation. They leave MOHI heading in a good direction. They've been thoroughly exposed to the Gospel. Most have even been involved in ministry in the church and/or on the radio station. This year many have been deeply involved in disaster relief efforts after Hurricane Matthew devastated the South. They have all received one of the best high school educations available in the country. They also have one of the best advocates (in addition to Jesus) - Pastor Lex. He never gives up on our graduates and goes to bat for them whether it's getting a job, getting into a university, or getting married. He is so proud of each one.

To all our supporters:

Thank you for the impact YOU are making in the lives of these young people!!!

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