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Welcome back to Haiti, Chel! She's been flying solo all week. Today AJay joined her and will be hosting the rest of the G3 team this coming week. As you can see in the picture below, our staff loves seeing return visitors. Feyo and Chel are old friends now.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Miriam. She's been busy all week taking inventory of our dental supplies. We are so excited to begin working with her to help our community, as well as our students. Please keep the new dental program in your prayers, as there are many details to work out. The best is yet to come!!!

Welcome, too, to Dr. Sergeline. She is here to replace Dr. Emmanuel, who has moved to Florida with his family. We miss him terribly, but thank the Lord for continuing to do His will through us in the medical clinic. Dr. Sergeline has big shoes to fill. Would you please keep her in prayer, as well? Thank you.

Do you know what this pile of greens is? It's lima beans. They are a tasty part of the staple dish (rice and beans) here in Haiti in this season.

Construction seems to be never ending. Currently, we are enclosing a section near the gathering place that will house the accounting offices and a pastor's study.

The culinary students never cease to amaze! The 3 teachers recently gave their students a written exam and they are now beginning to make products on their own. How exciting!!!

Just in case you were wondering...the soccer field has been a great investment already.

Thank you so much Friends, for your prayers and generous support. You are touching so many lives with your expressions of love!

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