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The Hole in MOHI's Heart

We've been using our new logo, designed for us by Sir Isaac, for a little while now.

Today, when I look at this logo, I think of Mackenson and what feels like a hole in the heart of MOHI. For those who don't follow us on Facebook, here's the update...

It is with deep sadness that we share this news with you today. Pastor Edon’s oldest son, Mackenson Carries, died at home this morning (8/20/18) at the age of 28.

Mackenson attended MOHI’s school from second grade in 2000 when the school first opened its doors. He was part of our second graduating high school class. He taught physics at MOHI's high school while attending university in Port-au-Prince. He would have been graduating with a civil engineering degree. Mackenson was a beloved youth leader and member of the worship team at MOHI’s Thozin church, playing all the instruments and often leading the singing. He was the “sound guy” at church and used his technical capabilities to keep MOHI’s radio station moving forward.

Mackenson was a disciple of Jesus and we trust that his absence in body means he is present with the Lord. His life was one of service to others. We know that his family is proud of all he accomplished in his short life, as are all of us at MOHI. His life has touched the lives of everyone at MOHI. Prayers for his family, students, co-workers, and the many friends who are missing him now, are greatly appreciated.

Lex flew into Haiti yesterday to hold the funeral service today. He received the body from the morgue at 1PM, after which people began viewing the body.

While Pastor Edon has done many funeral services himself, this one was more than his broken heart could handle. My husband escorted him into the Gathering Place and sat him beside him where he could comfort and encourage him through this most difficult moment in his life.

Such an outpouring of love and support was shown to Mackenson's family, as thousands of people filled the church, the yard, and the street up to Brit's Way. MOHI students bore flags (Haiti, US, MOHI) throughout the service and procession. Virtually every taxi driver in Grand-Goave came on their motor cycles. The city also sent 8 officers from their police force. Their presence truly honors his memory.

Mackenson was known as "Maestro" to many, as he was an accomplished musician and worked tirelessly with MOHI's music ministries, the youth, and the women's ministry in Thozin. Close to a dozen different groups sang at the funeral, including MOHI's church in St. Etienne

and the women's ministry from our main church in Thozin.

Many other groups that were touched by Mackenson's life were present. His MOHI high school graduating class members were there in t-shirts commemorating his life.

As Mackenson would have expected and desired, Pastor Lex brought a message of salvation to all who could hear. None of us know the day we will pass. It's foolish to put off making a decision to get right with God.

At the completion of the church portion of the service, everyone accompanied Mackenson's casket to the cemetery in downtown Grand-Goave. It was almost 7PM when all was done.

I love this video clip. Mackenson's classmates, co-workers, friends carried his casket from the church, through the city to the cemetery, where they dance with him for one last time in this world. The song they're playing is appropriate, as well..."Jezi woooooo, men chay la!" (Oh Jesus, here's the burden.)

It is very difficult to continue at church service with any "normalcy" when someone so integrated into every aspect of the ministry is suddenly gone.

Yes, we know that to be absent in body is to be present with the Lord. I have no doubt that Mackenson is in a far better place than any of us right now. But there's that void that remains. That missing piece that we all now have to grow accustomed to - and we don't WANT to. I'm reminded of John 11:35, "Jesus wept."

Jesus was about to perform the miracle of miracles. Lazarus is about to be resurrected from the dead. And yet Jesus wept. He KNEW he was about to see this man that he so loved again and yet he wept. I find such comfort in this. Jesus totally understands what it feels like to lose someone precious. And His heart is touched by our suffering and weakness. While we have great confidence in knowing that we will be together with Mackenson again, today we are weak. Our emotions are overpowering. And I find great comfort in believing that Jesus weeps with us - he feels our pain and is moved with compassion for us.

Lex and I want to thank all of you who have reached out with your condolences, your prayers, and your financial support. In the midst of such grief, we believe Mackenson's family is experiencing the love of Jesus like never before through your compassion and generosity. Thank you so much!

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