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Blessed and Blessing Back

Hello Friends! I'd like to introduce to our team from this past week. These 6 medical providers came to us from Bless Back Worldwide.

In the picture above, left to right, back to front are Mike, Ken, Evens (MOHI's doctor), Walt, Gina, Chelsea, and Kendra at the Medical Clinic at MOHI.

Mike, Walt, Chelsea, Ken, Lisa (Bless Back's team leader), Gina, and Kendra at the missionary compound (aka Cayes Mirliton).

Chelsea, Walt, Kendra, Ken, Mike, and Gina at the mobile clinic in Petit-Paradis.

I was so impressed with this team's amazing skills and eagerness to serve. The worked in the clinic each day, as well as doing a couple of mobile clinics. Some of the team had the opportunity to work in the local hospital, assisting Dr. Israel (the surgeon sent by the Cuban government in partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Health) on some surgical procedures.

Here are some more great pictures I've hijacked from our friends at Bless Back, beginning with Dr. Evens examining a student at MOHI.

Here's Kendra working at a mobile clinic in Petit-Paradis.

Mike was able to perform a minor surgical procedure on this child.

Sara (in the flowery top below) attended the MOHI school in Thozin, graduated, graduated from nursing school, and is now working in MOHI's medical clinic.

Chelsea examines a patient in Petit Paradis.

Mike also examines a patient in Petit Paradis.

Walt was able to help this young man with a fractured bone in his wrist.

This gentleman looks the other way while Ken administers an injection.

It was a great week watching this team at work and listening to their experiences from each day. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our friends at Bless Back Worldwide.

I traveled back to the States last night and have been running ever since. More next week. Thanks for being a part of our work in Haiti at MOHI!

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