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Fill the Bus (week 2)

Last week I shared a list of items we'd like to gather to pack on the bus that's going to Haiti. I'll include it below for those of you who would still like to get involved. Lex and I have been keeping an eye out for things, too. We found some commercial round tables that will be perfect for teams to eat at under the "choukoun" (for those who haven't been to MOHI in Haiti, that's a big, round pavilion that is used for living and dining ... some people even choose to sleep under it in hammocks)...a few plumbing supplies...folding panels...

This is the last week to donate supplies to make it on the bus, so please do reach out to me by email at to make arrangements for pickup or delivery.

COVID-19 seems to be running rampant in Haiti right now. So many getting sick, so few going to the hospital and so many dying at home. Obviously it's a very difficult situation. Thank you for praying for our neighbors in Haiti.

Together, you have provided almost 1,400 masks for our friends in Haiti. Thank you!!! In a country where it's difficult to stay home and survive, masks do make a difference.

The medical and dental clinics have been operating, but are not seeing nearly as many people as usual. We assume this is due to the stigma associated with COVID-19. Again, we pray for our Grand-Goave and St. Etienne neighbors.

And for you cat lovers - I thought you might enjoy seeing our expanding cat population at the missionary compound...

Captain and Sam are both doing well, too.


Maybe you would like to be a part of getting the bus and supplies to Haiti? Donations would be greatly appreciated. Following is a list of items (gently used is fine) we would like to put in the bus to ship to Haiti. Please contact me to arrange pick up or delivery if you have any you'd like to part with. Thank you!


lumber (2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, 2x12)

plywood (3/4" rough)

fasteners (screws, bolts/nuts)

wooden exterior doors

glass doors

electrical wire (14, 12, 10, 8 gauge)


folding tables

folding chairs

preschool tables & chairs

back packs

composition books

protein foods (peanut butter, dried beef, spam, canned tuna, salmon, sardines...)

laptop computers


small generator

lawn mower

lawn rakes

power tools

hand tools

oil based paint



acoustic guitar

electric guitar

electric bass guitar

drum set

band instruments

sound board

microphones & cords


masks, snorkels, fins (for visitors wanting to go out to the reef)

dish towels


food processor

hand mixer

Corelle plates/bowls (they don't break as easily and thus last longer)

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