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Celebrating Benite

Pastor Lex returned to Haiti this week. He's been busy with some maintenance (especially with vehicles) and organizing our storage areas, in addition to plenty of meetings with our staff, students, and visiting the sick.


Happy birthday to Benite! We have known Benite for 20 years. Her mom and dad were farmers who moved to Thozin from way out in the mountains. Her mom signed her up for third grade during our first visit to Grand-Goave back in March, 2000. After high school Benite furthered her education in early childhood development.

These past 20 years, Benite has been a vibrant part of MOHI's church in Thozin. She met Robert in the church. They married and had 3 children. We mourned deeply with her when her oldest son fell out of a mango tree and died. Today her remaining two children attend the MOHI school, where she also teaches.

Benite loves to sing and praise the Lord. We are so blessed that she is a part of the worship team, often stepping up to lead others in singing praises to God.

Sometimes it's good to just pause and really consider how wonderful it is to be a conduit of God's blessing to others. I'll never forget when meeting one time with Pastor Kerry Twing, he told us that we are simply hoses. God will use us to water his garden - and, yes, we will get wet, as well. That water is HIS blessing being poured out in this world.

When I see Benite, Robert, and their children, I thank God for establishing MOHI in Haiti. All of us working together have lengthened the hose of God's blessings to reach families like this one.


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