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Starting to Improve the World

Pastor Lex told me they rented him the whole plane from JFK to Port-au-Prince. He said there may have been 15 people on the entire plane when they shut the doors. I'm glad they still flew and he made it safely to Haiti. I didn't hear from him until almost 11 pm when he finally got to the missionary compound - after 4 vehicles broke down on the way. CRAZY!

He has a very short time in Haiti and LOTS to accomplish. He loves the students and his first place to go is to the classrooms.

The main landing area of the Thozin school building has become THE meeting place for school administrators. It's a favorite spot for people to take photos of themselves and their families in their Sunday best each week. It's also a great place to gather for prayer before the school day begins.

Engineer Voltaire Sanon is the school director for the Thozin and St. Etienne schools. He has worked with us since 2008. He recently shared this with us: "I have been working here for 14 years as the pedagogical director and I can tell you that a lot of progress has been made. One of the things that most impressed me was that in 2011 we sent our first promotion of the senior class to the state exams. 100% of the students passed. I can say that I am very pleased with MOHI and my work as the pedagogical director. I would like to thank the entire MOHI team for the trust they have placed in me for 14 years and I will do everything in my power as the pedagogical director for the institution to always be successful."

Director Voltaire has definitely taken his responsibilities to heart and steered the school well. The staff appreciates his leadership and they work hard with the students each day.

Support staff, like Madame Tenard, make sure the children have a tasty, as well as nutritious hot meal each day.

The well-being of each student is important to Jesus and He uses a team effort between the parents, school administrators, sponsors, extended staff, and the student to impact each one. Working together is critical. The students pictured below are waiting to see the dentist. Dr. Mabou puts a lot of effort into setting the students' minds at ease and teaching, teaching, teaching.

The medical clinic in Thozin proves a primary healthcare facility for students and their siblings, babies, parents, and grandparents throughout the community.

At the Christian Light School, Nurse Marlouse has proved to be a blessing for our students and staff. Some of the situations she dealt with this week included tummy aches, pink eye, and removing a piece of glass that had been embedded in a student's foot and become painfully inflamed.

Outdoor activities are an important part of learning, too.

A quote attributed to Anne Frank reads, "Hunger is not a problem, it is an obscenity. How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." Each of you who pray for and support MOHI are starting to improve the world... Thank you!

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. It's a time to worship with people of like-precious faith and enjoy getting to know one another better. This morning in Haiti Jephte and Madona dedicated TWO babies to the Lord. What a special moment for them, for Pastor Lex, and for the entire congregation. We sure do love those babies!!!

The children's church service this morning was rockin' the house! (And that's without a drum set!)

God is so good to me. Although I long to be in Haiti, I'm patiently waiting for the green light. In the meantime, I got to enjoy the fellowship of some wonderful MOHI graduates and former employees. Many of you will remember them: Huguener supervised the construction of the Thozin school - Benji, the administrative director of the clinics - Beatrice, the director of the baking classes, and everyone's favorite hostess at the missionary compound. My heart was happy to worship with them this morning.

Thank you for being a part of Mission of Hope International! We are praying for you. Have a blessed week!


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