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Vision and Provision

Pastor Lex's first week back in Haiti was busy, to say the least. Our leadership team in Haiti has been doing a great job of keeping things going. I am so proud of how much they have progressed over the years. When Lex is in country there are seemingly a zillion details for him to catch up on and go over with these leaders.

Sometimes we work to make money. Other times we work because we're passionate about what we're doing. I can tell you that Pastor Lex is passionate about raising up a generation of children in Haiti that will have a different outlook on life: Children who desire to follow Jesus, who think about the wellbeing of others, who have an education and apply it to their lives, who consider how they can invest in their communities, who are generous and kind, and who have the ability to care for their families. He also cares about their situation today. One of the things he's most passionate about is ensuring they have food to eat.

Pastor Lex so loves our churches in Haiti. This morning he was privileged to share God's word with Eglise Evangelique Mission of Hope in Thozin, Grand-Goave. He spoke of how God gives us vision and with that He also gives provision.

It always thrills me to see how God gets His point home to me by bringing it from different angles and from different messengers. I attended the Shine Conference this weekend, where I listened to three impactful messages from Nicole Crank. The last message was about "Goal Getting" and one of the things that really struck me is that if I can imagine accomplishing the goal on my own, I'm thinking too small. How wonderful to hear my husband today talk about God providing for the vision HE gives us. Again, I'm reminded that life on my own would never satisfy, but a life lived in Christ brings hope, confidence, assurance, and peace. I know I can rest (worry-free!) in the One in whom I trust!

I so love to witness people being baptized. Today we had 4 women choose to follow Christ into baptism. The old is gone and all things are new. Priase God! Here are few shots them along with Pastors Lex, Clermont, and Manyol at MOHI's missionary compound.

We started MOHI with a vision to positively impact the lives of the Haitian people: spirit, soul, and body. Today impact is being made in all these areas through many different venues, such as the churches, schools, medical and dental clinics, radio station, food and goods distributions, job creation, infrastructure development, and various outreaches.

Our good friend, Jim Murphy, was bragging on us recently in front of me. My first thought was to say something like, "Oh no. It's nothing." But I immediately recognized that what he was saying was true - it's thoroughly amazing what has been accomplished at MOHI. I also recognize that, no matter how amazing (or totally unamazing) we may seem, neither Lex nor I have the skills necessary to accomplish all that's been done. Yes, God uses us, but HE also uses sooooo many of you all!!! It's been 20 years of God bringing the right person to us in Haiti for a specific purpose at the perfect time - people lifting up the ministry in prayer during the darkest of times - folks suddenly sending in a check when we didn't see a way to pay employees, or to purchase land when we didn't have any money - someone sharing an idea or word of encouragement that sparks a flame... It truly is amazing how God has used MOHI to touch so many lives, but it was never with Lex and Renee alone. HE is weaving a tapestry so beautifully and each of us are threads in it. Wow! Thank you for being right there with us through it all!!!


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