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What the Enemy Means for Evil is Turned to Good!

Jerrylson's mother died last month and Revenise chose to take responsibility for this sweet little one. About a week ago, Jerrylson started vomiting and broke out in a rash. Revenise didn't know what to do. She explained the situation to a motor cycle taxi driver and he told her he would bring her someplace that would satisfy their need. He brought them to the medical clinic at MOHI. She said, "Today I think it's a blessing that the motorcycle driver brought me exactly to where I was supposed to be. There are two things I love about this clinic: They pray with you before you even see the doctor. After we saw the doctor, we went to the pharmacy. I asked the nurse how much money I would need for the medicines. She told me, 'We don't sell medicines. We give them to you for free.' At that moment I was so surprised and happy! Thank you!"

What a blessing this clinic has been and still is to so many. Every day there are dozens of stories like this one, where people don't know where to turn to. Isn't it wonderful to know that they turn to MOHI and are also pointed to Jesus at the same time? What a privilege it is to be a part of God's plan for caring for others!

Times are more difficult than ever in Haiti, with food insecurity topping the list of social ailments. I am so grateful to God that HE continues to provide food for our students, in addition to the many other benefits they partake of at MOHI.

We have regular classes in the computer lab, utilizing the newly donated laptops.

It's one thing to work for justice for a group of people, but there's something absolutely amazing to being able to put a face to that work. 800 children are receiving a quality education right now - many of who's parents could never afford to send their children to school. Are you supporting MOHI monthly? YOU are impacting individual children and their families every day! Their futures are looking brighter because of your care and concern!

If you are not yet supporting MOHI, please consider being a part starting right now. It's a simple process and will make an ongoing impact on the lives of young people breaking out of the system of poverty right now. Thank you!

Our dentists never seem to have a dull moment. Patients come from near (students and neighbors) and far (Leogane, Port-au-Prince, La Gonave...) when they hear about the dental clinic. Hats off to Dr. Mabou, who runs a tight ship, but is the sweetest encourager and skilled practitioner for her patients.

My "little brother" Scott's memorial service in Haiti happened yesterday morning. His son, Taran, posted this picture, which may have caused a flood of emotion to escape me in tears. I'm so grateful for the wonderful friends and family that God has connected me with over the years. Scott was always going, going, going while he was in this world. I can only imagine what he and Jesus have been up to lately. So glad that Lex was able to be a part of this special day.

This morning, Pastor Lex was at the MOHI church at the St. Etienne campus. It was a lively service with sweet worship, fervent prayer, and a strong message. People in Haiti absolutely love uniforms. A choral group from the church presented this morning wearing red tee-shirts with "Mission of Hope International" written across the back. I love that they feel so good about being a part of this mission. And I love that they ARE a part and so important to us and to Jesus.

I want to thank each of you who took the time to read this update today. Know that I am praying for you and asking God to continue to open the eyes of your understanding that may see and comprehend the love with which HE loves you - that you would have great confidence in HIM and HIS care for you.


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