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With All Your Heart

February 12, 2023

Thank you for your continued prayers!!! We have a price and release date for the container. This is a significant hurdle that we're grateful to have behind us. Please keep those prayers lifted as we need to get the container to its destination. Almost home!

Vocational training is a big bonus that our high school students are eager to take advantage of. These classes are available for our students first and then to others in the community also. Classes currently being offered include plumbing, electricity, English, driver education, and computers.

Hunger has a very, very loud voice. It's hard to pay attention to anything else when hunger is screaming at you from your belly. Sometimes you have to feed a person or help with a physical need before they can even hear the Good News of redemption in Christ. Beyond this, if we love God, we also love people. It hurts us to see people hurting. God is our Provider, and very often, He provides for people through people.

Did you know that filling a belly can soften a heart?

Relieving discomfort, pain, shame, humiliation... weeping, and mourning with those who weep and mourn - all of these actions can also soften a heart. Praying and inviting the Lord to move on someone's behalf does likewise.

At MOHI, we believe deeply in ministering to people's immediate needs. We also believe this is only the first step in God's long-term plan. Job creation brings in an intermediate step. Imagine Pierre coming to MOHI with his new baby, looking for help to feed her and care for her physical needs.

How much better would it be for Pierre to work and purchase whatever his little bundle of joy needs? Even though he would love to work, jobs are rare. Hundreds more jobs are available in Grand-Goave today, along with new businesses. We are so grateful for the many doors of opportunity that have opened because of what we (you, me, and our friends in Haiti) are doing together at MOHI!

Making blocks creates jobs and provides better-quality building materials. Seeing the devastation in Turkey this past week accentuates just how important this is to our community and beyond.

Marc Henry is grateful to have found a job at MOHI, and we are grateful for his pride in doing that job well.

Many little eyes are watching and imitating what they see in our staff. Lord Jesus, may each one shine YOUR Light on the path before our students! The students finished up their first-period exams this past week. Look at all that concentration!

Louiseka was so tired when she finished. She said mathematics makes her think too much.


We made it through the first grading period with the Lord's help. Monday morning begins the next one.


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