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All you folks in New England, MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW!!!

WHO: YOU are invited to…

WHAT: Our annual Meet & Greet

WHERE: 141 Bragg Hill Rd, Westminster, MA 01473

WHEN: Saturday, September 6th at 1:30-5PM

WHY: Because we want to see YOU before we head back to Haiti!


I hope to see many of you there. That’s THIS Saturday!!!

We held our St. Etienne annual conference this week. What a blessing to have water available right on site this year! While the church and our neighbors were celebrating in Haiti, Lex, AJay and I were celebrating in Nashua, NH with our friends at Grace Fellowship. We are so grateful that their pastor, Paul Berube, recognized the need and the church was able to pay for the well to be drilled. God was surely leading, as it’s not every day one drills a well on a mountain top and finds water. Praise God!

Conference in St. Etienne

New decor for the new school year

Teacher meeting prior to school opening

Leah multi-tasking

Maestro Odenet and an officer from Sri Lanka discuss how MOHI can assist in an upcoming event at the UN Camp.

It is a wedding weekend for us, while we are in New England. My niece was married Friday night and Lex’s nephew was married this afternoon. Congratulations to Brianna & Nami and Jackie & Huguener! It’s been so special to have time with family whom we don’t often see. My three brothers were at the wedding Friday night and two of Lex’s brothers, several cousins and lots of friends were at the wedding today. Here are some pictures from the week and these events:

That’s my oldest brother, Kenneth, on the left – there are 15 years between us. Doesn’t seem like so many any more!

The “guys” – Some of our Haitian American family that came to the wedding today

Church at Grace Fellowship in Nashua, NH this morning. This cracked me up!

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