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Christian Leadership

Leah’s back!!! Yay!!! In all the highlights of this week (of which there are quite a few!) Leah’s return is the highest of the highs for me. She was back for a day and I realized it was as if she was never gone. Friday morning Lex told me he didn’t think she’d be wanting to go to the clinic yet. Since she’d just arrived and we had the Christian Leadership Academy taking place at the missionary compound, he figured she’d wait until Monday. I assured him that would NOT be the case. I was right this time. She walked up to the clinic first thing in the morning – walking so that she could stop and greet all her babies along the way. Welcome home kiddo! (I’m not sure when I started considering twenty-somethings kids, but apparently I have!)

Leah, Liz and Lina

MOHI Medical Clinic

While Dr. Lavaud, Dr. Manoucheka and Nurse Ruth held down the medical clinic, Chel and her team from central Massachusetts visited some of the surrounding villages in the mobile medical clinic. With several respiratory therapists and students, they focused on educating the local people about lung health. They also did blood pressure and blood sugar screenings, as well as wound care and basic first aid for those in need. Those needing to see a doctor were given appointments at the MOHI medical clinic.

Mobile medical clinic with Chel Finn’s team from central Massachusetts

We were grateful for Rich Edson who joined Chel’s team, even though he was not a medical professional. He blessed us with his carpentry skills, building several shelving units in the missionary rooms. Thank you, Rich!!!

Rich Edson building shelves in Leah’s new room

In addition to Chel’s amazing team, we also welcomed several people who came to minister in the Christian Leadership Academy. Pastor Dan Lee and Don Tiesenga arrived last week. They were joined by Stuart and Maike Rankin. Stuart and Maike went through the earthquake with us 5 years ago and both returned to assist us during that first year. This is their first time here in the past four years, and also their first visit here as husband and wife. Pastor Rex Holt and Chris Creighton came in from Southern California. Nurse Liz Cambo also made a return visit this week.

Sam’s found a friend in Liz Cambo!

The Christian Leadership Academy was an amazing event this year. The daytime sessions were held in front of the ocean at the missionary compound under the choukoun (giant gazebo or round pavilion). It was such a pleasant atmosphere for everyone and we received over five hundred people the first morning. This is the biggest event we’ve ever held at that location and we were so pleased with the church members who worked so hard to make everyone feel so welcomed. General sessions and workshops alike were eagerly attended and people were fully engaged in learning. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Pastor Dan preached the opening evening service and Pastor Rex Friday and Saturday evenings. Each service was well attended and the people were grateful for the ministry of the Holy Spirit in each one.

Christian Leadership Academy morning sessions

Feeding hundreds of leaders

Studying and discussing the Bible


Preparing to receive overnight guests at the school

Evening services during the Christian Leadership Academy

If you’ve been following what’s been happening at MOHI recently, you know we’ve been working on reconstructing and adding to our couples rooms. This construction had a time limit which arrived yesterday. We are so grateful to God and all the workers who literally worked around the clock to finish these rooms in time to receive guests from Mission E4. Indeed the team arrived last night and were able to sleep in these rooms.

Missionary Housing

Welcome to the team from Mission E4!

………..This morning we were privileged once again to baptize twelve new believers in the ocean in front of the missionary compound. From the songs of joy to the shouts of hallelujah, everyone was blessed to see these declarations of faith in action.

Twelve people were baptized this morning at the missionary compound.

Pastor Dan Lee brought the closing message for the Christian Leadership Academy this morning. Gama did an amazing job with the translating, allowing the message to flow and the people to understand and receive the words spoken.

Sunday morning in Thozin

Lex and I so appreciate everyone who made this week so totally remarkable: our construction workers, masons, carpenters, plumbers and electricians – all the ministers who ministered at the Christian Leadership Academy, all those who cooked, cleaned, registered guests, arranged the sound, ran the errands, made airport runs – all those who attended the event – AND as always, all who have supported us this week in prayer and with financial donations, we are so grateful for your partnership and all that it is causing to take place in Haiti. Thank you!


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