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Contentment. It’s quite an amazing thing. defines it as, “the state of being contented; satisfaction; ease of mind.” And it defines the adjective content as “satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.” That’s the kind of week this has been for me.

I have thoroughly enjoyed having Peter and Esther Plastridge with us for almost two weeks now. They became our friends shortly after we started the mission. They’ve always been big on vision and quick to help establish a new business – or new mission, as the case may be. Over the years we have called on them numerous times. They always have wisdom to share – and a meal and a place to sleep, too! What a joy it has been to start each day in fellowship with them.

Jephte interprets for Peter

Jephte interprets for Esther

The Thozin campus has been buzzing all week as different church folks (youth, women, singing groups, pastors/elders…) have taken part in preparing for the annual conference. Decorations were made, groceries purchased, cleaning, painting, guitars strung with new strings, new drum sticks taken out of their hiding place, rehearsals, more cleaning…Pastor Edon even sewed new covers on mattresses that our guests from around Haiti would be sleeping on. It’s so wonderful to see all this work happening simply to make our guests feel extra special and welcomed here at Mission of Hope International.

Wednesday John Armour and Donald Byrd joined us from Jacksonville, FL. You may recall that John is the creator of the Aquavast filtration systems that we use here in Haiti. It uses nano-technology and filters down to 15 nanometers. Now, I don’t even know what a nano is, but I know that it’s really tiny – tinier than any virus, bacteria, parasite or parasite eggs that could possibly infest our water. You can read here to learn more about how he’s using this technology to help others. John introduced us to his dynamic preacher friend, a few months ago. We’re glad he did and we were blessed to have them participate in this year’s conference.

Kendi Jean interprets for John Armour

Kendi Jean interprets for Donald Byrd

God’s presence was manifest in the services Thursday through Sunday. Supernatural touches from the Lord were experienced in times of worship, preaching, teaching, prophetic utterances and laying on of hands. For me, the contentment continued throughout the weekend. To know God’s grace is continually extended toward me, I can just be me in His presence. There’s no pressure to act a certain way, for he knows the real me. And each day I’m getting to know Him better and better. Contentment truly comes through choosing to follow Jesus and the words He spoke as recorded in the Bible.

It was wonderful to have Alexis back here for the conference. She was an incredible support to Maestro and an encouragement to the worship team in general. She even taught them some new songs, which in turn they taught to the conference participants throughout the conference. I told her she brought a little bit of Tulsa to Haiti. We all enjoyed it and so appreciate her persistent work with the worship team.

Sunday Morning Praise and Worship

Heartfelt passion in prayer and worship

We are blessed to have other wonderful missionaries here in Grand-Goâve who have chosen to be a part of the church at MOHI. We are grateful for the way they also work together with the people in the church to glorify the Lord.

Angie Sutton asks the Lord’s blessing on the preaching of His Word

Alexis interprets for Lex

The Brown Family (aka the Brownies) minister in music during the communion service

Will McGinnis and Alexis share a laugh


The missionary compound (aka Cayes Mirliton) sometimes seems like a little taste of heaven. It is one of the most relaxing places to be.

MOHI’s Missionary Compound

Rocking in a rocking chair under the choukoun (large, round, grass-covered pavillion), looking out over the ocean, enjoying a fresh breeze after a hot day working is just incredible! Of course there are practical purposes for this campus, as well. We can house and feed up to 80 visitors overnight and accommodate several hundred for a daytime function. Boating and swimming are close at hand, as is a spot for water baptisms. This morning, we baptized 15 new believers in the ocean right in front of the choukoun.

Prayer during the baptism service in the ocean in front of the MOHI missionary compound

Donald Byrd, Esther Plastridge and Lex Edmé baptizing new followers of Christ

“I have decided to follow Jesus!”

Beautiful Feet


After the baptisms we headed up to the Thozin campus for the final service of the conference.

MOHI’s Youth Choir

This sweetie stayed put until Children’s ministry started

Snack time at Sunday School

My sense of contentment was joined with outright joy and excitement when I saw Gama’s family walk into the church. They have been away for about a year and a half, but they are back in town. Lex and I immediately relieved Angela of the children. A short while later Alexis and AJay took them from us, too. Welcome back!!!

Nyah and Nathan Parayson are back in Haiti!!!

Esther had an extra special day today, as she was able to see Donalson Edmond, whom she had sponsored as a young child at the MOHI school.

Rosenie, Esther, Donalson and his dad Edmond

Peter Plastridge has been taking lots of pictures over these past two weeks. I’m grateful that he’s shared them with me. In addition to many that are above, here are a few more…

Esther with the Michel family





I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of our awesome week and conference. I’m praying for each of you to know personally this contentment I’ve been telling you about. Thank you, too, for your prayers and support for our family here at Mission of Hope International in Haiti. Have an awesome week!

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