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Sometimes you just have to sit back and say “Thank you!” to the Lord for His grace in our lives. This week I found myself in this position as I reflected on the people He brings to Haiti to work with us. This weeks we welcomed teams from two of our strongly committed partner organizations, Bless Back Worldwide and World Wide Lighthouse Missions.

Bless Back is committed to the medical ministry here at MOHI. They are fully invested in our partnership financially (providing the majority of medicines used in the clinic, investing in the renovations at the clinic, building homes, desks and so much more), as well as with human and knowledge resources. We can call on them any time and have full confidence we will find an answer to whatever the situation asks.

World Wide Lighthouse Missions (WWLM) has been investing in the mission and our family for the past sixteen years. Over the years they provide incredible spiritual and organizational counsel, as well as sharing their other resources with us. In addition to their faithful financial and prayer support, they also ship 12 barrels of goods (most of which is distributed to those in need or used for our school students) to us three to four times a year. When we have a specific need they are there to help fill it. They first sent a team to us back in 2000 when the mission first began. Since then they have sent others to help with organization, teaching leaders, and more.

When people come to visit I often tell them that Lex and I just do not have the necessary skills to accomplish most of what they see going on here. But the Lord, with His love and kindness toward the people of Haiti, brings together the people and resources to do amazing things!

The Bless Back team was focused on medical ministry this week. They worked out of the medical clinic in Thozin for four days, and together with the WWLM team, did an outreach in Ti Rivye one day. They visited quite a few disabled in Grand-Goâve, and reached out to a village (the Gallet) with teaching about the newly arriving Zika Virus. They gave out mosquito nets to all the households.

Many of you have been praying for Maestro Odenet and others have reached out with financial aid. Thank you! He was able to bring some test results to the Bless Back doctors and get some instruction from them. He was finally in church (although not yet playing the keyboard) today. We certainly have missed him and are so glad he is improving day by day.

The WWLM team here now (for two weeks) is working with three groups of students from our high school, teaching them hand and machine sewing. I love hearing the reports about how they are interacting with the students and the level of excitement they are seeing. They are also being very creative, individualizing the items they are making to suit their own preferences. The students are making dresses, purses, back packs and wallets. We’re looking forward to Friday’s fashion show, where we will see their accomplishments and they will each receive a certificate.

Here are a few more photos from this week that I thought you would enjoy.

Thank you for being a part of Mission of Hope International!

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