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Sherry, Rylea and Jay

Hey all! I (Alexis) guess I’m gonna be doing the blog while I’m here! So enjoy!

This has been quite a week! We just got back on Monday from the states. The next day Sherry Horn from Kid’s Against Hunger Global joined us for a week, along with her granddaughter Rylea and her brother in law Jay. That was exciting!

After spending six weeks in the states, the Edme family has returned to Haiti! All four of us! After spending a year in Tulsa I am so very happy to be home again! Though much has happened, it feels like I never left. So for those of you coming this summer, I will be your hostess! Quite a responsibility, but so excited!

Alexis is Back!!

Alexis, A.Jay, and Madona happy to see each other again

Today we said goodbye to our friends from Kid’s Against Hunger. Sherry first came to Haiti in 2008 with a group from Sturbridge MA and immediately fell in love with a certain boy named Kendy.

2007? Kendy, Pastor Lex, and their little friend

Kendy lives with his mother and three siblings, Micklen, Ason, and Stanley. Sherry and her husband Marshall support them through MOHI, raising funds to build them a house and send them to school.

Kendy’s House

This was Sherry’s fourth trip to Haiti and every time she has come I have never seen a child more genuinely in love and grateful to someone more than Kendy. His heart is so full of love for Sherry.

Kendy wrote in the sand I love you Sherry

I’m so glad Sherry got to bring some of her family with her to understand and experience the country she fell in love with.

Jay, Sherry and Rylea handing out food

Jay was great at making friends with the students

Kendy’s brother Ason gets a goat to take care of!

Sherry’s granddaughter Rylea throughout the week felt the need to be baptized before she left. This morning at about 7:30 A.M, Rylea made public the commitment she has with the Lord. Isn’t that awesome?

Rylea coming up out of the water of baptism

A huge thanks to those who have been giving to MOHI to honor Brian Tangney Jr’s life. Over $3000 has already been given in his memory, and so he continues to impact the lives of the Haitian people whom he loved so much. MOHI and the Edme family thank you.

Brian Tangney Jr – Grand-Goâve, Haiti – January 2015

Today my dad, Pastor Lex, preached on how Jesus is our bridge to heaven, and no matter what you have done or what you are he will receive you with arms opened wide. He will forgive you of all your sins because he loves you and wants what’s best for you.

Church Service in Thozin

Thank you so much for reading this post, for praying for Haiti and all of us at MOHI. We appreciate you!


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