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Two Homes

I returned to Massachusetts earlier in the week with Alexis. Lex and AJay will be joining us soon. Among other things, we are here to be a part of Soulfest in Gilford, NH on August 4-6. I'm so grateful to the Engman family, who have opened their home to us from day one, over sixteen years ago. Once again, I am home in Westminster.

AJay and Lex making their way to the USA

I always have such mixed feelings about traveling between my two homes. The USA is mostly more comfortable (physically) for me. Everything is set up in English (friendships, church services, directions, the internet), there is less "dust" everywhere (so I feel cleaner), most everything is set up and executed in a very organized and orderly fashion that I easily fit into, and so many things I find enjoyable are much more accessible here (cool temperatures [even if it's hot outside, it can be cool inside], longtime friends, family, my favorite shampoo, my favorite foods, the latest gadgets, water pressure, electricity 24/7...).

Enjoying Micah's first birthday party is one of the perks of being Stateside.

Life is about so much more than comfort, though. Isn't it? There's always a bit of sadness in my heart as I leave Grand-Goâve and head to the capital city (Port-au-Prince) in order to catch my flight out. My life has such purpose and meaning when I'm in Haiti. I'm confident in the Lord leading me there and directing me day by day. I am bold in my communications - especially with the Haitian people. I love the people in my life there and the symbiotic relationships we enjoy. It often feels more like home than Massachusetts does. Yet I somehow feel empowered by the words "United States of America" written all over my passport. And despite all the political and social issues facing the USA today, I am still proud to be an American.

Despite the seesaw image my mind's eye sees when contemplating my life, I can honestly say that I love the life that I have been given and the path that I have chosen to walk on. I often remind myself that this world (whether in Haiti or the USA or somewhere else) is not my home. When I do arrive home, my earthly contentment will seem like nothing in comparison with the all consuming love and fulfillment I will experience there.

Meanwhile back at the ranch ... or in Haïti, as the case may be ... An amazing week was being experienced by my men, Amy, Angie and the team from Bless Back Worldwide. Two-hundred, fifty local women also had a grand time at this year's Women's Health Fair. And a whole bunch of kids had a blast at the kid's camp that ran simultaneously.

Kids Camp at MOHI with Bless Back Worldwide

The fair began with a time of singing and prayer. Pastor Lex always enjoy's speaking encouragement to the women before they split into groups and visit the different activity rooms, classes, and healthcare sections.

Let the fun begin

The women enjoyed lunch each day of their health fair.
Shana demonstrates some alternate methods of using the bras being given out to the women.
Rocking art work
These women appreciate their new bags!
Activities and classes were abundant during the fair.
Praying for a patient at the clinic

Doctors Debbie and Tom used their skills to impact many lives this week.
Medical teaching and practice

The team was available to help an accident victim who was injured right near the Thozin campus. Dr. Tom and Kathy worked for about 3 hours on a man who had a lipoma in his neck. Movement was becoming difficult and painful for him. The operation was a success.

Lipoma removed from this man's neck

Regular activities continued during this same time. The kids continued to participate in the English and computer clubs.

computer club

Construction continues on the Thozin campus expansion. This week we worked on expanding the drainage on the western side of the lot in order to accommodate massive amounts of water that comes down the mountainside when it rains.

MOHI Thozin Campus Expansion

God is accomplishing so many things in our communities. We are so grateful to Him. We are also very thankful for each one of you who prays and supports this work in Haiti. Thank you!

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