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Soulfest 2016

I am so excited about the Light of Hope performing this week!!! However, first things first...

Haiti! I love that our staff is able to keep things going in our absence. It's always been our goal to work ourselves out of a job and it's so thrilling to see the possibility. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't imagine retirement will be happening any time soon, but I'm pretty that when the time comes, the Lord will have other "not-so-boring" things for us to do.

Angie has been on her first leave, enjoying some family time in Florida. She'll be returning this week, while we are at Soulfest. Dr. Emmanuel and his staff are busy working while Angie's away. It blesses me so much to see the love and respect shown to our neighbors when they come to clinic and when we go to them.

Amy continues working with the library and computer projects. She's come up with some really neat ideas. Like this one...

Isn't that neat?!!! As always, I love to share pictures of our students learning to love books!

Now, back here in Massachusetts... We stopped by to visit Chloe on her birthday. She's seven years old. She's my reading buddy. She likes to have stories read to her, but she prefers to read them herself. She starting reading to me while she was in kindergarten. She's very focused. Happy Birthday, Chloe!

Jean Rony (aka Pape), our amaaaaazing drummer, is here from Florida.

Pape joined us for rehearsal in Worcester last night, as did Micah (Huguener and Jackie's one year old son). Micah has won my heart with his love of music. He never tires of dancing or playing his imaginary drums.

We joined our friends at the West Newbury Congregational Church this morning. Pastor Lex had everyone's attention with his wild stories and hit home with some spot on truth that we needed to hear.

Our friends, Wayne and Patsy Fish, were so kind and let us chill with them this afternoon. If not for them, this blog would probably not have been completed before the concert tonight. Their son, Jeremy, made some delicious "special recipe" burgers, and his wife and 10 month old daughter captured our hearts. Even so, we still managed to check Facebook before lunch.

We are heading back to the West Newbury Congregational Church now to set up for the Light of Hope concert, starting at 6:30. Those of you in the Boston area, please join us Tuesday night at the All Saints Episcopal church at the intersection of Common and Clark Streets. You won't regret it!

And finally, come see us at Soulfest!!!! We'll be there for the entire event, but if you have to choose just one day, I hope it's Friday. The Light of Hope will be performing at 4:50 in the Justice Center. Please come out to show your support and enjoy some great sounds!

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