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First Week of School

It's always so exciting to see the new school year begin. I still remember the early years of school at MOHI. We'd have about 10 - 15% of the students show up the first week. Little by little that number would increase until finally, by the end of January, we would have all the students present. Today, we might have 10% who don't come the first week and we are at 100% by the start of October. This discipline has never been pleasant, but this is just one of the reasons that our students have such a great track record with National exams.

Primary class at the MOHI School in Thozin

Lego time at the MOHI Preschool 1 class

Alicia had a fabulous first week of school with her "American" school, being held at the missionary compound. She has six students in preschool through 2nd grade. They meet with Alicia three days a week, and have two days at home with some assignments. Alicia takes her work very seriously and has done an amazing job of preparing good "food" for these precious kids.

Love, love, LOVE these kids!
Nathan stringing beads

Caleb working on letter recognition

You can read Alicia's take on her first week with the kids, here.

Angie, Dr. Emmanuel, and the rest of the clinic staff continue to care for our students and communities. Boss Pepe, who has had a hand in employee oversight on just about every construction project we've ever done recently suffered a stroke. He was hospitalized and has been getting follow up care at the MOHI clinic.

Lex came back to the States this week. Yayyyyyyyy! We have about two weeks together and then I will precede him in returning to Haiti.

If you live in Ohio or New England, please consider coming out for our Meet & Greets:

September 17 3:00 – 6:00 PM at the YMCA, 500 W Hopocan Ave, Barberton, OH

September 24 1;00 – 5:00 PM 141 Bragg Hill Rd, Westminster, MA

Lex will also be in Charlotte, NC for the Bless Back annual Gala event - along with Dr. Emmanuel. They'd love to see you there!+

We had a great time yesterday with Pastor Kalinsky and our friends at World-Wide Lighthouse Missions. They have been an incredible support to us for the past 16 years. We're really excited about working on some upcoming projects together - which I will share with you at a future date, as the plans firm up. Here's a picture of Rob Camire showing us some of the handy work he and his friends are capable of. I wouldn't mind attending Sunday School in THAT classroom!!!

Full Gospel Interdenominational Church in Manchester, CT

300+ jars of peanut butter are already in their warehouse, awaiting shipment to Haiti. Please consider adding your peanut butter to theirs! Ship/mail your peanut butter donation to World-Wide Lighthouse Missions, 723 Main St, Manchester, CT 06040.

Donate to the cost of shipping the peanut butter to Haiti

Drop off locations:

East Brookfield Fire Department

Douglas Fire Department

Ashburnham Fire Department

Belmont: All Saints Episcopal Church

Please contact me to add your location to this list!

Shipping the peanut butter to Haiti will cost $150 per 55-gallon drum. Please help us get the peanut butter to those who really need it. Make a donation toward the shipping cost today. Thank you!

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