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Actions Speak

Linda Robinson's time with us was slightly longer than the rest of the team from Bless Back Worldwide. She went on to work at the school where the students she worked with were from (in Leogane). Both students and patients left here satisfied and encouraged. I, too, greatly benefitted from Linda's expertise and am able to get around much better now thanks to some taping and exercises she prescribed. Thank you Linda!

The medical clinic continued on this week, after the team had left. Beatrice, our librarian, brought her grandma in.

The young man pictured below fell from a mango tree. Mango trees are HUGE! A twelve year old boy in Grand-Goave died when he fell from another mango tree this week. Our hearts go out to his family. As for this young man. He may be sore for a while, but he will recover.

Bettina's mom brought her in and we were able to get her plugged in to our nutrition program. At 23 months, she only weighs 17 lbs. All that peanut butter you all sent to us will go far in helping her and many others to gain the weight they need to survive and thrive.

Our outreach in the southern parts of Haiti continued, full steam ahead, this week. 5 new houses were built. We have 3 more to put up this week. Hundreds of people are still homeless. If you'd like to help, go to to make a donation specifically for hurricane recovery efforts.

Holger is one happy man, as he watches his hard work begin to unfold. Cucumbers, garlic, tomatoes, and more. Thank you Holger and Sigrun!!!

Holger and Sigrun have also started working with the children in the library. What better place for grandparents when they are away from their grandchildren?

Alicia returns to Haiti tomorrow. She has been missed - especially by her students - and fellow missionaries. We're excited to have her back!

Please remember our friend Rosenie in prayer, as she seeks treatment for the cancer that has attacked her body. Go HERE to give financially to help.

Often times I hear myself referring to this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

My prayer today - Lord help us to mean what we say and say what we mean. Help us to not be afraid of people's faces. Help us to speak the truth in LOVE (not antagonistically or out of selfishness). Help us to be people who ACT out what we believe. Help us to be diligent and not lazy.

Lex's message to the church this morning?

Yes, HE certainly is. May HE be with you and involved in all your comings and goings this week. You are appreciated and oh so loved!

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