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Happy Days in Haiti & USA

Despite the intense storm system that pounded us with rain recently, things are going very well at Mission of Hope International (MOHI) in Haiti.

The garden in Thozin has been producing very well, especially the sweet peppers and tomatoes.

Our high school seniors went to the final competition this week and... WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!

Our friends from Mission USA came through strong for us with a new turbo for the generator at the main campus. We're so grateful the generator is working great now.

We ran into issues with electricity and internet last week, which got us a bit behind in the clinic, but this week the sun came through and the generator was fixed, so we're back on track again. So many people who didn't have access to basic medicines and first aid are able to get just that at the MOHI clinic. Patients with chronic illnesses, such as hypertension and elevated blood sugar levels, are able to get regular care that keeps them functioning day to day.

The radio station is also benefiting from having full time electricity again. Morning times of prayer and preaching, noon time prayer, and lots of evangelical music in French, Kreyol, and English play all night and into the wee hours of the morning.

Today was Alicia's last day at church in Thozin, as she heads back to the States this week. Pastor Edon asked her to come forward to give a final greeting to the church. Everyone was thrilled to hear her give her goodbyes in Haitian Kreyol - something she couldn't even approach back in September. I have to say, I am so proud of Alicia today. She has persevered through difficult times in a culture that is totally foreign to her. She heads back home a different person - even more Jesus focused, caring, and compassionate than when she came. She has matured in so many ways. We all have fallen in love with her and are not eager to let her go home. But, alas, the Lord has plans for her and we know He has plans for us all, as well. Nevertheless, she will be sorely missed.

Technology has changed so much since we first started the mission. Back then, we had to go wait for phone calls at the "Teleco" - Haiti's government run telephone company. It was expensive, very public and undependable. Today, even from Massachusetts, we can have a clear video call with our staff in Haiti for our Monday morning staff meetings. I, for one, am very grateful for these incredible changes!

Graduation will be taking place next month at MOHI and we're starting to get some sneak previews as the students practice in preparation for the big day.

The students are also studying hard and taking notes as they prepare for final exams.

Here are some short video clips I thought you might enjoy. They are from our services this morning in Thozin, Grand-Goave, and the Saint Etienne church.

And here's a bonus on this Mother's Day in Haiti. These are the married women from the church in Thozin.

Here in the States we've been moving our family to Gardner - I'm thrilled to be with my kids again for a season!!! AJay will be graduating from High School Friday. I'm so proud of him! We've also been having some good meetings with different folks about MOHI.

We met with our friend Ross Dobson, founder of Sir Isaac Creative Services, his team and ours in preparation for Soulfest. I'm really excited about the wonderful opportunities coming up this year for the 20th anniversary of Soulfest. We will need more volunteers than ever this year, so please consider volunteering with us. You can volunteer for a couple of hours or half a day. It's up to you. We'll have a sign-up sheet available for you soon, but I wanted to give you a heads up so you have time to consider and pray about working with us.

Lex is one of the featured speakers this year, as you can see in the program below. Our band, Light of Hope will be playing (at least twice!), Alexis' new song will be debuted and (Lord willing) available to download. We will be presenting Thursday and Saturday evenings on the main stage and sharing a special video creation (by Paul Rogers Photography) on the Jumbotron. We also will have a tent set up throughout the entire festival with information, t-shirts, tank tops, coffee, and more available for purchase. our main goal - to make people aware of the work we're doing in Haiti and encourage them to come to Haiti to experience (and participate in) firsthand what MOHI is doing.

We are looking forward to being joined by past and current MOHI missionaries and volunteers, including these two awesome ladies...

Wouldn't you like to join us, too? Visit the official Soulfest website. Use this code to get 10% off the purchase price of your Soulfest entrance ticket: SF17EDME

Today we joined Pastor Gary Williams and our friends at Burns Hill Christian Fellowship in Milton, NH. We shared about the mission and Lex encouraged the congregation to GO - whether it's far away, or just down the street, "Be a Saltshaker!" The church prayed with us and encouraged us. We really enjoyed being with them. We hope to see them again, but next time in Haiti!

Thank you so much for your continued support in prayer, in finances, and in time. All of us at MOHI appreciate your efforts more than I can say.

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