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Our son, AJay, was two years old when we responded to the Lord calling us to Haiti. The past two years he has lived with our friends Paul and Cheryl Minor in Belmont, MA. We are so grateful for their desire to not only care for AJay and ensure he finished high school, but also for their desire to enable Lex and I to continue to spend so much time in Haiti. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to them, their patient children, and our wonderful friends at All Saints Church.

AJay graduated from Minuteman Regional High School on Friday and Cheryl threw a party for him on Saturday. It's always such a joy to see the love of friends and family reaching out to our family. Thank you to everyone who reached out to him with well wishes, cards, gifts, prayers, and hugs! We're so proud of AJay and anticipating great things for his future!

Our church in Thozin broadcast live on Facebook this morning. It was our first time and Jephte did a great job making it happen. Here we are in Massachusetts, being a part of our church service in Haiti. I LOVE it! Check out to join in a Haitian church service at MOHI.

Here is Massachusetts we had the privilege of ministering at the Clifton Lutheran Church this morning. These folks have been such an integral part of our work in Haiti over the past few years, especially in the area of disaster relief. We appreciate their compassionate hearts! Pastor Lex shared the sermon and Alexis was able to share the children's sermon. Both were inspiring and encouraging to us all.

After the service the Light of Hope performed during the coffee hour. It was a lot of fun and a great preparation for Soulfest.

Every week we're seeing huge baskets full of green peppers coming out of the mission garden in Thozin. Hats off to Wilson for his labor in the garden and many thanks to Jesus for the increase!

It's been a busy week at the medical clinic. The staff, Dr. Emmanuel, Nurse Ruth, Gardith, and Wadson, work so well together. With all the patients and outreaches we did last month, we are very low on some important medicines right now. If you're able to spare some extra this month to help provide answers to medical problems for our students and neighbors, please make a donation today and mark "Medical Clinic" in the memo. Thank you!

We love feeding our students each day at school - and watching their antics, too! They've been working hard, as the school year is coming to an end. We're looking forward to graduations, beginning on June 22nd.

Thank you for your continued prayers. The Lord is with us and guiding us into a future with hope!

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