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Can You See What I See?

Often times people who visit Mission of Hope International's work in Haiti return home with lots to tell their family, friends, and co-workers about their experiences in Haiti. The sights, sounds, smells, culture, even the weather is usually different than what we're accustomed to back home.

One thing visitors often tell Lex and me is something along the lines of, "It's amazing what you've done here!" I always agree with them that what is happening at MOHI in Haiti is nothing short of amazing, but I don't like to leave it at that. I like to point out that most everything you see at MOHI has absolutely nothing to do with Lex and I being amazing, talented, skilled people. Most everything has happened through the skills and talents of others.

When the Lord called us to Haiti, we agreed to go. That was our part of the "bargain," so to speak. Our "going" was not to be alone. God went with us, as He is with us wherever we go.

What's really amazing to me is not that we went, but that so many others joined us. When I look around our properties in Haiti, I see people's faces.

  • I see the burdened who prayed for us from day 1 - keeping us sane and full of hope.

  • I see the generous who took us shopping each time we came home - who literally kept us clothed and fed those first few years.

  • I see the hospitable who opened their homes to us so we could travel and share with others about the work of MOHI in Haiti.

  • I see the faith-filled who opened their pulpits to us.

  • I see the selfless who refuse to make their missions trip about themselves, but eagerly jump on the MOHI train to add to what's already being accomplished - to make an even bigger impact.

  • I see the benevolent who give out of their abundance to those they don't even know, trusting God will use their gift to impact many.

  • I see the faithful who struggle to make ends meet, but faithfully send $25 a month to ensure the MOHI students continue to have a school to come to each day.

  • I see the "strangers" we've never met who pray and give.

  • I see the compassionate who provide food for the hungry in Haiti.

  • I see the social who are bold to spread the word about MOHI and encourage others to get involved.

  • I see the knowledgeable who share their wealth from near and far, helping to form great minds in the youth of Haiti.

  • I see the noble who give up their leisurely vacation to make it a working "vacation" at MOHI in Haiti.

  • I see the carpenters, electricians, mechanics, school teachers, engineers, medical professionals, handymen, pastors, photographers, musicians, craftsmen, masons, seamstresses, IT specialists, managers, lawyers, architects, plumbers, students, moms, dads, business people, administrators, visionaries - friends, who took time out of their busy lives to make an impact in people's lives and the infrastructure at MOHI by spending days, weeks, or months physically working with us in Haiti.

  • I see the lovers of God and people, sharing that love with all of us at MOHI.

Yes, the Lord has used us in Haiti over these past 17 years. He has used ALL of us! And none of us could have made any difference without HIM, nor without each other.

I have a really hard time picking out one verse from Ephesians 4. (Verse 15 is one of my very favorites, as it reminds me that quoting scriptures isn't helpful unless it's motivated by love. [I may have occasionally done so to beat some sense into someone from a slightly haughty attitude.]) Verse 16 is what I want to share with you, but I encourage you to take the time to read the entire chapter of Ephesians 4. It's so captivating!

Here are a couple pictures of Dr. Emmanuel at the clinic this week:

I thought you might enjoy seeing Pastor Edon preach at the church in St. Etienne this morning:

As another school year draws to an end, thank you for continuing to be the people I see each and every day.

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