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He's a Good Good Father

Happy Father's Day to all you amazing dads!!!

In Haiti, Father's Day often goes unnoticed, but I am so grateful for the many wonderful father's in our churches. We have some wonderful examples of godly dads in our pastoral staff, most of whom are now coming into the stage of grandfathering. I love to see the attention they give to the little ones and the tenderness with which they reach out to them.

It's been such a blessing to me to watch our former youth group and high school students becoming the next generation of parents. Scherly has been a part of the church in Thozin since the year we started. She is now the mother of three boys and her husband, Stanley, is a good and godly man. They are both doing a great job raising their boys to be kind and respectful, and they can all be found in church regularly.

Robert and Benite have been a part of the Thozin church from very early on, too, and Benite went to our school from the beginning. Like Stanley and Scherly, they are caring for their children spirit, soul, and body. Benite has become an important part of our music ministry and a leader among the married women in the church.

In so many ways, these men are going against the tide of society. They have decided to follow Jesus and serve Him by serving their families. And by doing so, they are building good reputations for themselves within that same society.

Our Father God is the best example any man can follow to be counted among the good fathers. He truly is a good, good Father!

School Days Turn Into Summer

It's exam time at the MOHI schools and then school's out for summer! Of course, the senior classes have national exams coming up, so they will continue with their studies right up until that time.

Graduations will be happening this week for the kindergarten and senior classes. This is a huge event for all of these students and their families - only weddings, funerals, and births can compare in significance. As such, many friends and family members will pool their resources to put on a party or buy a special gift for the student.

In the Air and On the Air

The MOHI radio station, Tele-Radyo Pataj 106.3 FM continues to serve our communities near Grand-Goave, across the ocean to the northern parts of Haiti, and to the island of la Gonave. Some of the activities/programs on the radio include: Evangelical Christian music, times of prayer, worship, church services, community health education, lessons to help with exam preparations, contests, and prayer requests.

Medical Ministry

The medical clinic has been ministering to many with illnesses this week. The staff is working together to give the best service possible to these patients, and coordinating with other communities to bring mobile clinics to those who are removed from access to medical resources.


Keeping everything running smoothly requires a ton of maintenance. This week we had to perform some more repairs on the main generator and inverter system at the school. It's not easy to find a truly well informed mechanic/electrician, but we found one. Needless to say, he works for a very good wage. We pay it, because the alternative is to hire someone who will try to fix things, but more often than not, ends up breaking them even worse. In the long run, the cheaper labor always costs us more money.

We are currently painting the mission bus. Haiti is physical tough on most everything. Staying on top of maintenance is no easy feat.

Other Norms are still happening, like giving out shoes and clothing...

Drawing in Preschool..

And church members meeting with Pastor Edon...

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

Brain Storming

We had a great meeting this past week with Alicia and Doris. You already know Alicia very well from her year at MOHI teaching the missionary kids. Doris has been coming to Haiti for years and has been a huge support to us, behind the scenes. We had a great brainstorming session, touching on things like Soulfest preparation, team training, and an internship program. I am so grateful that we are not alone on this constantly moving train called Mission of Hope International!

Baby Girl

Congratulations to some other dear friends, Stuart & Maike Rankin, on the birth of their second daughter yesterday. God has been so good to them. She's a cutie, too!!!

Holger & Sigrun

Maike's parents are Holgar and Sigrun Kraft, who spent 3 months with us at the beginning of the year. They took hospitality to a whole new level at MOHI. We are eagerly praying for and anticipating their return this Fall. When we have the details of their return finalized, I'll have some great news to share with you. I am having a really hard time containing my excitement on this one. Stay tuned!!!!

Fall River

We had a great time this morning with our longtime supporters at the Evangelical Church in Fall River, MA. Pastor Carlos has been on the mission's board of directors since we first incorporated independently.

We celebrated Father's Day with our Portuguese brothers there, praying for God's wisdom and guidance to be ever present in their lives. Lex encouraged the congregation during both services (English and Portuguese) to understand that God doesn't look at us according to our language or skin color. He sees His kids and loves us as His kids. Jesus gave everything for us (including His life) and He also sent the Holy Spirit to live in us and guide us. When life is storming and the flesh is screaming, let the Holy Spirit take you on the high road.

Lex praying for the fathers...

Contact Us

I'll be heading back to Haiti next month. Lex and I would LOVE to be able to meet with you while we are in New England. You could help us, too, by introducing us to others you think might be interested in hearing about MOHI's work and impact in Haiti. Please send me a quick note and we'll be in touch.

Teaching Position

We have been looking for someone to fill the position of MOHI Education Cooperative Director. I have talked with several interested parties. There remains one candidate. She seems like a great fit and quite possibly more qualified than I could have hoped for. As is the case for all of us coming to Haiti full time, she has to raise adequate support to be able to support herself while serving the missionary families in Haiti.

I can't even begin to tell you what a blessing Alicia was to our missionary families. It's more than enough work just being a missionary. Add being a wife, mother, counselor, and home school teacher to mix and it's just more than any one person can do without over-stressing themselves.

The next missionary coming will be of great value to these families, too. If you are interested in helping to educate these missionary kids by helping to support a full-time missionary, please reach out to me today. Click here to send me an email. Thank you.

Actualité (current events)

I would probably never buy one, because I'm totally spoiled from living in Haiti, but it sure is exciting when I happen upon a display like this. They seem to sell well, as there were only a few left.

As always, thank you for your interest in, prayers for, and financial support of Mission of Hope International!!!

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