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The Education Hub

We've had some great brainstorming and goal setting meetings recently with staff, advisers, and professionals working with us for love of the people of Haiti. More and more, who we are as an organization is coming into clearer focus. Education is the hub.

Everything we do is not only about making a difference today by filling a need, but it's about planting and cultivating seeds of knowledge that will effect people for years and generations to come.

I absolutely LOVE to see people come to MOHI in Haiti to see for themselves the work that is being done here. Even more than that, I love to see them make an impact on people's lives. Everyone has a different idea of what a mission trip should look like. For me, the very best trips (most impact for both visitors and locals) happen when the team leader connects with the education vision of MOHI. They are coming to Haiti with a team of individuals - each with their own skill set that can be tapped into for the benefit of these Haitian communities.

Vocational training in our high school is something that we are working hard to realize. I'm so excited about the endless possibilities of integrating visiting teams into this training.

Let's consider training in culinary arts, for example. The students will need to learn about sanitation, proper use of equipment, food safety, food prep, meal preparation, menu planning, cake decorating, physical presentations, etc. However, they also need business training (budgeting, bookkeeping, marketing, computer skills, writing a business plan, designing a kitchen...and the list goes on).

Did you see yourself in that list? Maybe I didn't mention your specific skill set, but perhaps you can see how it could add to the value of this vocational training. Get ready to come to Haiti! We'll get ready to utilize your knowledge to help train our high school students.

At this point, we have already started with sewing, baking, carpentry, and cosmetology. Our hope is that you will jump on board, invite your friends, and come spend a week with us this Fall/Winter, imparting your knowledge into someone else who is hungry to learn. Contact us today to get the ball rolling!

In one month we will be at Soulfest 2017. I hope you will be, too! We're in need of volunteers to help as greeters, cashiers, and coffee servers. Please visit our online sign up page and help as often as you are able. Thank you!

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