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How Valuable is Your Health?

I know, most of the time we take our health for granted - until it's threatened. However, whether we choose to make good health decisions or not, we tend to be very health conscious in the USA. My generation was not so much so, yet we still learned an awful lot about health. I was taught some basics from my youth...

Over the years we have learned so much about staying healthy, that many of us (especially the moms!) won't even take medicine prescribed by a doctor unless we've thoroughly researched it first.

Many of these health basics that we take for granted every day are not commonly known and understood by our neighbors here in Haiti. What's especially difficult is discerning what is grandma's wisdom and what is grandma's old wive's tale. So, once again, education is critical!

I so appreciate our partners at Bless Back Worldwide. We have spent many hours discussing our visions with each other and determining the best ways to combine them into an incredible blessing for the people of Haiti. This partnership has created an incredible medical ministry here in Grand-Goave. It has also impacted the community education, as well as education in our schools.

This past week, Bless Back Worldwide sent us a team to conduct the third annual Women's Health Fair. The women eagerly anticipate their time together. They have times of praise and worship, classes on different health subjects, arts and crafts projects, a meal, some pampering and the opportunity to see a doctor.

We've seen these women later sharing their materials with others who were not at the event. They even pull out the handouts they brought home with them in order to explain more fully.

Here are some pictures from this year's Women's Health Fair...

And kid's camp, too...

Thank you once again, Bless Back Worldwide, for investing in the health and well-being of the women of Grand-Goave!

We're so excited to have a team in from Crosspoint Ministries (Atlanta, GA) and Freedom House Church (Charlotte, NC) this week. Angie has been anticipating their arrival for months, as Freedom House is her home church.

We're off to a great start with the team. They've already held a kids camp, preached 3 services in Thozin, and still managed to get in some swim time. I can tell it's going to be a great week!

Pastor Hakine and I head back to Massachusetts at the end of the week, as we prepare to be at Soulfest the following weekend. We hope that you will come out to join us, our Haitian band the Light of Hope, and you might be interested in some of the other ministries, food vendors, and a few Christian artists you may have heard of. This year we will be serving up some authentic Haitian coffee and I'll be bringing a few other surprises with me, too.

Please consider giving us part of a day at Soulfest this year. We are still in need of volunteers. Sign up here or drop us a quick email and we'll reach out to you.

I'm really excited about all the Lord has been doing here at MOHI in Haiti this month. My prayer is that HE has given you eyes to see His handiwork in your life and all around you, as well. Have a great week!!!

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