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Making Love Known

A team from Crosspoint Ministries (Atlanta, GA) and Angie's home church, Freedom House (Charlotte, NC) spent this week with us in Haiti. They were a very energetic group of folks and Angie was their full time host. She made it and they had a wonderful week. God is so good!!! And His love knows no boundaries!

The team did several VBS/Kids Camp sessions with kids from several villages near Thozin, as well as St. Etienne, and Ti Gwav. Nothing expresses love so clearly as sharing your time and giving your attention to the object of Christ's affection. (Click to play the video below to see love in action!)

They visited some of the folks involved in our L14 ministry in their homes, spending time with the disabled, their families and their neighbors. They talked and prayed with so many, and also brought them food. It was a special day for everyone.

We're so glad to have Sylene join our team of translators. She has been in the MOHI school for many years and learning English little by little. She ministers to the members of L14 ministry regularly, too.

The team shared testimonies, preached, and prayed with many at several different churches throughout the week - including this open air meeting (with Pastor and Madame Manno).

Angie ended her full-time service with us this week as host to this wonderful team. It was good that she had such a busy week, as it kept us from dwelling on her soon departure. Angie not only ran the medical ministry here at MOHI, she was a good friend to Lex and I and so many others. We look forward to seeing what the Lord has planned for her and we anticipate her leading teams to Haiti for many years to come!

Angie, thank you for doing your best to follow Christ and for touching so many in Grand-Goave with His love. May the blessings of Abraham fall on your as you also step out in faith, heading to a place the Lord will show you. Never doubt that you are precious and oh so loved. You are never alone!

Our culinary students were back in the saddle this week with our missionary friend, Mallory. She was visiting one day and mentioned that she loves to decorate cakes. I asked if she'd be interested in having a class with our students to introduce the concepts. She agreed. The kids had a wonderful time being creative. They used plates to practice and then decorated their own cupcakes, which they had already baked. Thank you Mallory, for sharing your skills with these awesome students!

Speaking of awesome kids... We met Kendy when he was only 3 years old. He was in an orphanage that was poorly managed, causing him and over 200 other children to suffer hunger and thirst regularly. We would visit them all regularly, but never did we see Kendy smile - not even once.

With help from MOHI and the mayor from his city, Kendy went back home to his parents (yes, he has parents, but was living in an orphanage - like so many children living in Haitian orphanages). That's where we saw him smile for the very first time. Eventually Kendy's family moved to Grand-Goave and started school at MOHI's Thozin campus.

Today Kendy is 13 years old and is already becoming an entrepreneur. When I received word that he was making bracelets to sell to visitors, I was thrilled. It's so easy for young boys from very poor families to go down the wrong road. I hope to encourage Kendy in his new venture, "Kendy Design" - so keep an eye out for your opportunity to support Kendy and maybe purchase something you'll enjoy. And, by the way, Kendy smiles ALL the TIME now - as does his little brother, Stanley!

Soulfest begins this Thursday, August 3rd. Will you be there? Please contact Alexis to let her know and to sign up to help us spread the word about the lives being changed in Haiti through MOHI. We need your help! Please contact us asap. Thank you!

Be sure to see MOHI's Haitian band, the Light of Hope perform at Soulfest, too!

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