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Soulfest to Southern CA

Let's see, now, where did I leave off? A month in Haiti... That wonderful team from Bless Back Worldwide, followed by our new friends from Charlotte and Atlanta who traveled with Crosspoint Ministries... Yes, then Angie arrived in MA and we all traveled up to Gilford, NH for Soulfest...

Oh what a time THAT was! Presentations on the main stage before For King and Country played and also before Crowder performed. The Light of Hope performing and Lex's workshop in the Justice Center. Meeting thousands - having meaningful conversations with hundreds...

We were home just long enough for Pastors Hakine and Lex to harvest some tomatoes and bell peppers from our US garden in Gardner, MA.

That brings us up to our trip to Los Angeles. Lex, AJay and I had a wonderful time making new friends, seeing some new sites, and basking in the presence of God on the West Coast.

Our hosts, Pastor Rex and Sherry were the biggest blessing of all. Sherry was the ultimate host, making sure our physical needs were met, but also ensuring we got a little taste of L.A. Pastor Rex is the kind of man that you just want to sit and listen to all day long. The Lord has used his years on the mission field, and his ministerial experience in Texas and California to instill much wisdom in him. We are always more than happy to learn from him.

I told you about Sunday morning last week. Sunday night Lex shared at the Saticoy Church in Ventura, where Rex Holt pastors. It was a wonderful time once again. The people were so loving. I always take note of churches where the people linger after the service ends. That's a good sign that the people are invested in each other's lives.

There were many things we didn't get pictures of, like meeting Pastor Rex and Sherry's children, their spouses and their grandchildren. I think my favorite moment was Sunday afternoon between services. Sherry, Rebecca, AJay, and I made lasagna before heading to the evening service. Afterwards we enjoyed dinner with their daughters, sons-in-law and another friend. We had a wonderful time hearing and telling stories well into the night.

One day Sherry gave us a personally guided tour from Thousand Oaks to Ventura. We started out at Pastor Rex's office, which is contained within Curt Cameron's office. There were a lot of interesting things to see and many stories to go along with them. I especially enjoyed seeing Pastor Rex in one of the posters, doing what he loves to do.

We spent the better part of another day at the Reagan Library. So much history is contained within that compound - as well as a helicopter and an airplane!!! We met Michael Reagan at one point and Lex and I enjoyed a moment with Ron and Nancy - sort of.

I thoroughly enjoyed the HUGE display (like several buildings) about the Titanic, too.

Sherry brought us to the old section of LA, where we saw the oldest house and fire station. I couldn't help but think of all our fire fighter friends who have collected tons of peanut butter for MOHI over the past few years.

Universal City was very recognizable and we walked and walked and walked up Hollywood Boulevard. It was fun picking out the sidewalk stars of people we recognize, but many of the sites were disturbing. There were obviously many people succumbing to substance abuse and many were homeless. Our hearts were saddened and we breathed many prayers that day. It was the first time I remember going on a train. Union station was beautiful!

We returned to MA in time to get ready for Alexis and Alain's couple's shower (which required several days of cooking on my part). Alicia, the maid of honor, put together a lovely evening for everyone. I'm especially thankful for the family members who offered their assistance with cleaning up! In Kreyol we say, "Apre dans, tanbou lou" (after the dance the drums are heavy). In other words, it's really hard to work AFTER the party is over!

Meanwhile, in Haiti preparations are well under way for the start of another school year. We're so proud of our staff, and Jephte's leadership in our absence.

Clinics have been happening daily in Thozin. This week we did an outreach in Papatam.

Please keep Haiti in your prayers as they experience the solar eclipse tomorrow. Most people are afraid of it and plan to lock themselves in their homes. Others are more likely to be reckless and could seriously damage their eyes. I pray for peace of mind and sound judgement for our neighbors and friends.

Friends in the Worcester, MA area: Pastor Karl Vanderhoof has invited Lex to share a message during the 10:30 AM service Sunday, August 27th at Lifespring Community Church. We'd love for you to join us! It's located at 223 Clover St. in Worcester, MA. Hope to see you there!!!

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