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Attention: LAST CALL!

MOHI Education Cooperative

We have a very real need for a volunteer in Haiti for October 2017 through June 2018 to work with our missionary kids in Grand-Goave. Will you help us find this person to lead the MOHI Education Cooperative? We must make this connection this week or the parents will be informed that they're on their own this year.


Everyone reading this can help in one way or another. Continue reading...

Interested parties can be retired, college students, gap year candidates - or even a whole family wanting to join in the fun in Haiti!


Volunteer will meet with missionary kids (ages 4-8) 3-5 days per week throughout the school year. Teaching degree or certification is not required, although certainly welcomed. Support parents who are homeschooling their children by working with the children as a group, as well as individually in all basic subjects, as well as group play.


The children meet at the MOHI missionary compound in Grand-Goave, Haiti. The volunteer would also live there (ocean front, private room, private bath, electricity, clean drinking water throughout compound...)


Respond now. Come to Haiti in October. Coordinate with missionary parents to determine schedule and vacation times.


If this interests you at all, please reach out to us right now at

If you know you can't go, but want to help, share this message on social media, talk to your friends, colleagues, and church family about going. Please get the word out there for us.


This support for missionary families is very near to my heart. These folks have given up the comforts (emotional, physical, financial, etc.) of life in their home countries (USA and Canada) in order to serve the people of Haiti - preaching the Gospel through their lives and impacting the people of Haiti through job creation, education, orphan care, feeding, and more.

While their ministry focus is on the people of Haiti, we all know they are responsible to raise their children in the Lord. It's a heavy burden for all of us as we endeavor to follow God's call while ensuring our own families are provided for: 1 Timothy 5:8, "Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever."

The Lord doesn't set an expectation for us and wait for us to perform on our own. No, He gives us the Holy Spirit and the rest of the Body of Christ. Not one of us accomplishes His will all by ourselves!!!

Will you help us to help these moms and dads fulfill God's calling on their lives? Will you help minister the Good News to the Haitian people by taking action today? Please respond. Please forward this information to others. Thank you!

Sir Isaac's Creative Team

There are many people who made Soulfest such a great outreach for MOHI this month: those who volunteered to work with us during the event, those who housed our team, those who donated for this opportunity to be realized...

Ross Dobson is the owner of Sir Isaac, a marketing/advertising company in Salem, MA. After visiting MOHI in Haiti, he really wanted to do something to support this ministry. He had the thought that he could offer his company's services.

Not only does he personally put his creative, visionary, and organizational abilities to work for us, but he provides his entire team to make things happen. We could not have had such a great response at Soulfest this year without their hard work. Check out some of what they've designed for us here.

I'd like to encourage anyone running a business to contact Sir Isaac for your marketing and creativity needs. They work across the country and they handle all sorts of mediums from audio/video to websites, banners, posters, social media, and branding of all kinds. They listen to you and then go beyond your expectations. (tell them Renee sent you!)

Ministry in Haiti...

Everything is "full steam ahead" with preparations for the start of school. Our administrative staff met with our 2017-2018 school year teachers to set the bar high for another great year.

The medical clinic continues to reach out to our students and neighbors in Thozin and St. Etienne. This little guy is one of the thousands reached each year. He had a bad allergic reaction. His mom brought him to the clinic for treatment. She returned for a follow up visit and to thank our staff for being there for her son.

Meanwhile in the USA

The Lord has been opening doors for us to share with others about the ministry in Haiti and to make new friends in the process. Pastor Karl Vanderhoof invited us to share with the congregation at Lifespring Community Church this morning. We enjoyed the fellowship and appreciated the opportunity for Lex to share his testimony and to preach from God's Word.

It was a special blessing to share a meal together after church. Pastor Karl's son, James, is married to a friend from Haiti and they have two absolutely beautiful children. We had a great time of fellowship and lots of conversation in Kreyol. We definitely felt at home with them.

Recently, I took a day trip to Connecticut (where I am originally from). It was a joyful trip down memory lane for me and included spending a couple of hours in Mystic. I visited the small marina where I used to moor my (very small) boat about 30 years ago. Talk about being stuck in time - I mistook the owner as the same man I knew all those years ago when, in fact, it was his son. He was a child back then. (I must admit, I was wondering how he could look so young still.)

He was so kind to me and those with me. He even took us for a little spin on the ocean around the marina. He suggested that we visit the monastery, maybe a mile down the road. I had seen its great wall many times from the ocean, but had never actually visited the grounds. I'm so glad we went, as it was absolutely lovely - with the most beautiful flower gardens I've ever seen. I am a HUGE fan of beautiful flowers, so I feel compelled to share a few of the huge blooms with you. I leave you for now with these beauties:

Have a blessed week!!!

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