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Hope and Circles

Sometimes... okay, often times, difficulties come our way. They seem to be designed to eradicate all glimpses of hope. And yet, because of the death and resurrection of the Christ, Jesus the Messiah, hope simply cannot be snuffed out - for He IS our Hope.

Years ago, flying to San Francisco from Dallas, I found the scenery below me so unique - well, compared to the greenery of the east coast, the water-scapes of the Atlantic, and the mountains of Haiti, that is. I even woke Lex up several times to show him the crazy circle landscapes below us. It took me a while to figure out the circles were formed by the reach of the water getting to the crops.

C.S. Lewis once said, "The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts." Lewis died the year I was born. This was the true in his day - perhaps even more so today.

I consider MOHI to be like that irrigation system in the middle of the desert. Water flows from our main campus in Thozin and from our satellite campus in St. Etienne. Unlike my flight to San Francisco, these circle irrigation landscapes are not seen with the physical eye and they do not have finite boundaries.

In this scenario, education is the water. The more water is given out, the more that comes in, making more available to reach even further out. We have enough history now at MOHI that our newer teachers have actually graduated from the MOHI high school, gone on to college and come back "home" to continue the cycle for the next generation.

Eli Dure is a MOHI graduate who is teaching 5th grade this year. He has a great rapport with the students and really loves them. He came to the Lord in school and has been a part of the MOHI church in Thozin for many years. He attended the International School of Ministry being held at MOHI and is a preacher on our radio station, 106.3 FM Radyo-Tele Pataj.

The circle keeps expanding. We are grateful for Eli and the heart he has for God and for his community.

Attention to our friends in MA and New Hampshire. Join Alain & Alexis with our Clifton Lutheran Church friends in beautiful Marblehead, MA next month!

It's time to share a little protein with our young friends in Haiti. I encourage everyone to get involved with this year's peanut butter drive. Organize your church or business associates to collect peanut butter to be shipped to Haiti to feed students and children in our nutrition program. Contact to arrange for pick up or a drop off location. Monetary donations are appreciated to help cover the cost of shipping.

Thank you always for your prayers and support. We're in this together, as one Body in Christ!

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