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A week in our lives

We are so excited to have Holger and Sigrun Kraft back with us in Haiti! They had come down last year for three months and it was a wonderful time. Now they are back for! Holger, being a chef, and Sigrun, being a baker, will be facilitating the culinary program at MOHI! To follow them on their stay here check out their Facebook page here.

Block Factory

MOHI was able to hire 20 men this week to work in the block factory. It's so wonderful to see people getting the opportunity to provide for their families. That's what we are all about here at MOHI. We strive to keep families together by educating and building the economy.

Pastor Lex went into the capital recently to purchase a carburetor for one of our vehicles. They gave him a surprising price of $750! He left not agreeing to purchase the part and opted to search online. Thankfully he found the same exact one for only $69! Isn't God awesome? It's often surprising how much more things can be here.

Last week we announced our new project "The Gathering Place"!

Our temporary structure has taken a beating through storms - especially last year during Hurricane Matthew. We made some minor repairs at that time, but were focused mainly on the urgency of aid in Southern Haiti. We used the resources and time there to bring immediate relief (water, food, tarps, medical care) and then were able to build homes for more of a long term recovery effort. Now we are faced with a chapel that is falling apart. The roof is springing leaks all over and the lumber is warping. Our electric system and sound equipment are at risk of getting wet. We need to do something about this now.We have prayed and asked for wisdom concerning the next step.

We believe the right thing to do is to build what we are calling the Gathering Place. It will serve as a meeting place for worship services right now, as well as a long-term cafeteria and gym for the school. It will be a mostly open concrete structure, with a high and heavy quality steel roof.

The Gathering Place will be built where the temporary chapel now stands. We estimate it will cost just over $20,000 to build.

lumber $3,169.00

concrete materials $3,200.00

metal roofing $2,550.00

reinforcing rods $1,800.00

electrical $2,500.00

paint $525.00

msc materials $1,372.00

labor $5,001.00

Total $20,117.00

We need your help! Please join us by donating now or helping us to raise funds to meet this need right away. Or contact us for support in your fundraising efforts.

Thank you for all your support to MOHI and the families that are impacted!

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